GuidoSimplex Syncro Automatic Clutch Hand Control 932

The 932 Drive Clutch which is manufactured by GuidoSimplex is a hand control which allows complete control over the vehicle without needing the use of the left leg.  This is perfectly suitable to when automatic vehicles are not available, but does work on both.  However for automatic vehicles there are far better options available so it’s not worth choosing in this case.

A sensor based on infrared technology which is installed onto the gear knob detects when the hand is switching gear and automatically operates the clutch pedal on your car completely removing the need for your leg.

GuidoSimplex Syncro Automatic Clutch Hand Control 932

The GuidoSimplex Syncro Automatic Clutch Hand Control 932

The Syncro system detects the car’s RPM, speed, braking and acceleration and cannot be stalled by conventional means.  This detection system allows for accurate results and hence consistent driving by the disabled person.

Once it the engine control unit has been installed it can be calibrated to cater to the person’s driving method.  This allows for intuitive and smart responses creating a better driving experience ranging from your average casual driver to a professional racer.

One very useful aspect regards its installation which requires no permanent scarring takes place on the car via the installation procedure.  This is especially useful with some of the high end sports cars which this may be installed upon.

GuidoSimplex Syncro Automatic Clutch Hand Control Diagram 932

The GuidoSimplex Syncro Automatic Clutch Hand Control Diagram 932

  • It allows for resale at a price which isn’t vastly reduced, which many other permanent installations which require (for example) dashboard cuttings.

Another useful characteristic is that the drive clutch can be used or ignored; allowing conventional driving when is preferred (or required).

  • Most permanent (or even non/semi permanent) installations require the action point to be removed (such as an acceleration wheel) – or in some cases are not functional at all without using the disabled driving controls.

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You may or may not have learnt by now that the topic of disabled driving equipment is a big one, with scarce information as well as a wide variety of manufacturer’s products and services to choose from – for help, guidance and information check out our automobile hand controls page.

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