GuidoSimplex Steering Wheel Knobs

GuidoSimplex has a number of different steering knobs designed to be attached to the driver’s wheel, they’re certainly not revolutionary but their quick release model will certainly be useful when non-disabled drivers want to use the vehicle.

GuidoSimplex One Pin Hand Grip Steering Knob

GuidoSimplex Quick Release Leather Ball Steering Hand Knob

GuidoSimplex Three Pin Hand Grip Steering Knob

Steering Knobs


You’ll find that driving knobs are incredibly useful for disabled drivers who are using hand controls, because they allow swift turning of the steering wheel whilst only using one hand.

One of the downsides of using hand controls without any kind of turning assistance for the wheel is that you only have one hand to utilize in rotation.  This makes turning difficult.

There are lots of different potential models, and I’m not just talking about GuidoSimplex, but you can expect to buy either knobs and handles and they may have various different abilities or options affecting adjustable.

Generally I would say that these models are very standard and not up to the standard of the hand controls or other disabled equipment which GuidoSimplex produces.  Saying that, I’m not sure if there’s that much you can actually improve upon steering aids.  It may be worth checking the page on ‘secondary car function keypads’ which is found on the main page on GuidoSimplex driving equipment because some of these models also come with knobs built in.

Disabled Driving


If you want to find out more about automobility as a disabled person, it’s worth checking out our page on mobility hand controls to get started.

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