GuidoSimplex Stationary Mechanical Brake Only Lever 911FST

The 911FST designed and manufactured by GuidoSimplex is a mechanical brake which is designed to be completely stationary once engaged.

The first thing I’ll cover is pertaining to how this hand control is ‘stationary’.  What is meant by that isn’t that it isn’t moved at all, but that the lever section of the model remains locked into a static position.  Generally many disabled driving controls have two parts, the ‘lever’ which compromises the majority of the model, and the ‘handle’ which is what the hand grips and what is pressed pulled or turn in order to engage the model.

GuidoSimplex Stationary Mechanical Brake Only Lever 911FST

The GuidoSimplex Stationary Mechanical Brake Only Lever 911FST

In most cases you’ll find that the entire device will move, both the handle and the lever.  However in the case of the 911FST only the top handle moves whilst the lever remains in position.

  • What this enables is for there to be no rubbing of moving parts against the disabled driver’s legs.  Furthermore if the seat is adjusted for comfort/usability reasons into different positions there will be no effect on the ability of the lever.

The F1 (as it’s colloquially referred to as) is attached to the floor of the vehicle as opposed to being attached under the driver’s wheel.  This means that there’s no compromise to comfort when entering/exiting the vehicle.

You’ll find that in many cases there are issues with entering and exiting the vehicle because the components of the hand control are position close to or around the legs.  This makes it irksome and also can cause friction burns on the driver’s legs.

  • It’s also customizable in different colors of leather and can be combined with the 898B secondary vehicle function add on.

This allows for the controlling of the secondary car abilities such as turn signals and headlights.

Brake only devices are generally for disabled drivers who either have enough strength in their other leg to accelerate normally, or want to use it in conjunction with an acceleration only device.

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