GuidoSimplex Servo Clutch Hand Control 942

The Servo Clutch is very similar to that of the other automatic hand control clutches which GuidoSimplex has manufactured.

The model 942 allows for the exact efficient and precision as the manual controlling of the clutch, without the associated delays and hindrances which are present.  This means that it’s only really suitable for manual driven cars, for mainly disabled drivers but it can of course be utilized by any drivers.

GuidoSimplex Servo Clutch Hand Control 942

The GuidoSimplex Servo Clutch Hand Control 942

Furthermore the installation is non-intrusive as well as allowing for no modifications to actually be made to the clutch.  One significant downside of handicapped driving equipment is the scarring modifications made when the retrofitting installation occurs.

  • This can substantially affect the car’s resale value, as well as looking unsightly once removed.

Remember that no physical input is required because the entire control is automated allowing for complete control and flexibility over your situation.  This means that both of your hands are free to allow perfect control over the vehicle.

You’ll find that these can be used in conjunction with other hand controls (not just by GuidoSimplex) to get the best results for drivers with severe disabilities.

  • However, drivers with less serious disabilities may be able to use them standalone.

Ultimately this allows for hands only gear change and combined with perhaps an acceleration wheel and a brake attached to the steering wheel and you’ve got complete control over a manual transmission vehicle.

  • The servo clutch allows for manual gear change via the electronically guided interface which controls mechanical installations allow for semi-automatic gear adjustment.

The infrared sensor on the gear lever calculates your certain aspects of your car (such as its RPM) as well as well as how your hand alters the gear knob to alter your clutch pedal accordingly.

Furthermore, like some other models, it allows for the clutch to be controlled by the acceleration pedal in a similar manner to automatic vehicle.

  • This control is directly proportional; pushing down all the way on the acceleration will rapidly produced the correct clutch response without having to even use the gear knob.
  • However it’s worth noting that by using the gear knob you have a greater amount of control over your vehicle.

You’ll find that the automatically controlled clutch can be deactivated for regular driving when is required.

With the speed of the vehicle is less than 30km/hour the clutch will deactivate when the acceleration pedal is released.  However when the speed exceeds this 30 mark it’s required that the driver use the clutch using the semi-automatic gear knob as outlined above.

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