GuidoSimplex Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 1094-FR

This particular keypad which controls the car’s secondary control functions is quite similar to the 1094-FV apart from having a few distinct differences.

If you’re interested in learning about the ‘FV’ model you can find a link below on our page which documents the three different GuidoSimplex keypad models.

GuidoSimplex Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 1094-FR

The GuidoSimplex Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 1094-FR

Briefly I’ll go over the similarities before moving onto the differences, but it’s similar in the sense that it has 12 buttons. These are pre-set and control the car’s secondary functions, such as headlights, turn signals, warning signals, windscreen wipers – and eight others. GuidoSimplex has specifically chosen the most important ones and this is reflected in the layout of this and the 898B keypad.

The keypad is mounted on the steering wheel, on either the left or right hand side to cater for people’s preferences. This placement allows the driver to keep his hands on the steering wheel while being able to control key aspects of the car.

GuidoSimplex Car Function Keypad 1094-FR

GuidoSimplex Car Function Keypad 1094-FR, mounted on the right hand side.

The keypad has backlights which can be activated when necessary when it’s getting too dark, the FV on the other hand has constant automatic backlights.

One of the key differences is that this is not portable; it cannot be detached for regular car use. This doesn’t mean that the installation requires extensive modifications, because it doesn’t whatsoever. However the difference is that it can’t be quickly removed to be used by a non-disabled driver as is seen fit.

GuidoSimplex Keypad 1094-FR

The GuidoSimplex Keypad 1094-FR

Whereas the FV model is portable allowing quick removal via the button in the middle, this is far more intricately connected within the vehicle – it cannot simply ‘be removed’.

  • As such, it does not have a battery, nor does it require charger since this is all handled internally.

It does have some similarities, such as a light sensor which activates the headlights once it gets too dark.

GuidoSimplex Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 1094-FR

The GuidoSimplex Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 1094-FR

It also has a much more secure steering wheel knob, the other design may hazard some caution seeing as pressing the large button in the middle of it releases it. The installation o the 1094-FT doesn’t require permanent alterations to the car’s controls.

Finally you’ll find it’s available in several different colors to allow it to fit into the ‘feel’ of the car and help it blend in.

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