GuidoSimplex Pulsar Satellite Accelerator Only Pen 906 Elc

The 906 Elc is an accelerator only hand control pen, it’s held in one’s hands and is based on electronic technology; all it takes is the push of a button to activate the gas.

There are a few reasons why the Satellite Accelerator is unique, the main one being that it’s near-effortless only requiring the use of just your hand.  Unlike manual or mechanized hand controls which require activate effort in order to be able to ‘push or pull’ the pedals from afar, you’ll find that even the weakest individual is able to push the button and active this model.

GuidoSimplex Pulsar Satellite Accelerator Only Pen 906 Elc

The GuidoSimplex Pulsar Satellite Accelerator Only Pen 906 Elc

The reason for using this would be either in conjunction with an advanced brake only model, or if you can still use your leg to brake the vehicle.

Several key aspects make this product unique.

  • The first one is that it can be affixed to practically any vehicle and the installation damage required is minimal.  What’s more is that seeing as the unit is hand held, the car’s air bag is left in position and does not need to be removed.

Furthermore this allows secondary control function buttons to be affixed to the steering wheel and left in place.  A car function keypad (which GuidoSimplex also produces) would be ideal to attaching to the driving wheel to use in conjunction with this accelerator only model.  This would allow total flexibility in acceleration as well as controlling functionalities such as the headlights and turn signals.

  • There are two versions of the 906 Elc which allow for either complete electronic or partial electronic systems, with the partial model being fitted with mechanical accompaniments.

Finally if the brakes are activated you’ll find that as a safety precaution that the accelerator is automatically cut.  This allows swifter braking as well as stopping any panic reactions and handling the braking process as calmly as possible

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You’ll find that the GuidoSimplex Acceleration Ring Wheel the 906GV model is a different but incredibly useful product.

Unlike the Pulsar Satellite which features a ‘pen like’ activation point, this is a detachable ring which is placed over the steering wheel.  Personally I like this one a lot more because it allows the disabled driver to keep his hands on the wheel as opposed to keeping something else in hand and switching back and forth.

If you want to get to grips with all of their models, see their acceleration only hand controls here.

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