GuidoSimplex Pedals

This page on the various pedals manufactured by GuidoSimplex for use by disabled drivers is split into two main categories as you can see below.  If you know what you’re looking for then go right ahead and find what you need, if not you can see our concise thoughts about them below.

GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Pedals

GuidoSimplex Pedal Extensions and Guards

Left Foot Gas Pedals


These are simple conversions whereby the acceleration pedal which is usually situated on the right side, has its action point connected to the left side.

In the case of GuidoSimplex this means inserting a pedal which is placed on the left hand side, and is connected via mechanical linkage to the right pedal.

Therefore when you use your leg on the left pedal, the same amount of force is pushed down onto the right one, however this is a slight loss of force which is unfortunately inevitable in all designs to date.

These are perfectly suited to disabled persons who still have use of one leg, but it’s the left leg which would mean that they would only be able to brake with their legs and otherwise accelerate using a hand control.

  • The downside to this is that to accelerate using a hand control takes much more consistent effort than using your feet, not to mention most drivers will be used to using their feet.

This allows the use of a brake-only hand control which is used far less frequently creating a much more comfortable driving experience.

Pedal Extensions and Guards


Pedal extensions are required for people who have a short stature, a disability or a different ailment which stops the driver being able to comfortably reach the pedals below.

GuidoSimplex has a number of quite useful pedal extensions for either all three pedals, or individual models which can be added to as few or many as you want.

Their pedal guards are designed to stop accidental engagement of the pedals by the driver who doesn’t have control over his/her legs.  This doesn’t mean they must be completely disabled, but any engagement can be very dangerous – especially with some hand controls which don’t allow for able-bodied driving whist they’re installed.



If you’re interested in handicapped driving equipment, then GuidoSimplex is one of the best out there.  Personally I don’t think their pedals do them justice, and it’s our opinion that you shouldn’t focus on them as a company because of them.

It’s their innovative hand controls, featuring acceleration and brake only models which should get your attention because they’re some of the best out there.

If you want to find out more, see our page on disabled driving equipment by GuidoSimplex to quickly find out everything about them.

Driving Vehicles using Hand Controls


The topic of driving a vehicle as a disabled person is a massive one, one such useful aspect are mobile designs – find out more about portable hand controls here

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