GuidoSimplex Pedal Extensions and Pedal Guards

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex has a decent selection of different pedals on offer, these peripheral handicap driving equipment certainly are not the best – nor on par with their hand controls – but you certainly will find several pedals particularly interesting.

GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Cover Guard 3

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Extensions 1192

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Three Pedal Extension Kit 999

Pedal Guards


There are a few different reasons to have pedal guards installed.  The first and most obvious is when they’re used in conjunction with a hand control set, in this case they’re designed to stop the disabled driver accidently engaging a pedal.

The less frequent usages are when the handicapped person has use of one leg, and simply wants to protect the other pedals from accidental engagement.  Or, he/she can use one leg, but is using a left foot gas pedal to transfer the ability to accelerate to the left foot, and hence wants pedal(s) on the right side covered.

Pedal Extensions


Pedal extensions are not just for people of short stature, paraplegics, people with disabilities and those with other ailments such as back problems may all find this useful.

These are a few different types of pedal extensions here, there are some which require the extension of all three pedals.  This is going to meet the requirements of many people, but many more are going to have one leg which is longer/shorter or weaker/stronger than the other.

When this situation occurs it’s far better to have individual pedal extensions, which are available too.  You’ll find that GuidoSimplex has pedals allowing for individual or all pedal extensions.

Finally one last thing to consider is with regards to the actual angle at which the pedals are placed.  It’s not something people tend to think about because most people are used to pedals installed at the perfect angle.  However attachments can be at angles which are annoying (certainly after a long time) to use, and in this case you’ll find that GuidoSimplex also has one model with angle adjustable pedals which helps to cater to things.

GuidoSimplex Pedals


You can find out about other GuidoSimplex pedals here, which contains all the subcategories of their different models.  Or, alternatively you can check out our page on GuidoSimplex left foot gas accelerators which are perfect for disabled drivers who can use one leg.

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