GuidoSimplex One Pin Hand Grip Steering Wheel Knob

The model IP2003-B is a steering knob which utilizes a hand grip with a single pin including grasp support.  Find out more about it below.

The IP2003-B has a few different advantages and of course disadvantages which ultimately make it a reasonable choice for a steering grip.  Taking a look at the main features, it’s not a quick release version which can be quickly taken off with little/no effort and no equipment.  This is screwed into position and removing it will certainly take a little bit of time.

GuidoSimplex One Pin Hand Grip Steering Knob

The GuidoSimplex One Pin Hand Grip Steering Knob

It can be mounted practically anywhere on the steering wheel and allows for 360 degree turn and support.

It has grasp support which helps to leverage the lever and keep it in position, and it also has foam padding it making it more comfortable over bare plastic – especially for longer term usage.

It’s a very standard, very basic design – you’ll find that some steering knobs by GuidoSimplex are incorporated into secondary car function keypads.  This is nowhere near as advanced; it’s a basic design to serve a basic function.

Ultimately if you’re thinking this kind of a product it’s purely a matter of price, is the disabled car dealership selling this for more or less than its competitors?

In many cases it’s certainly worth paying potentially more for greater control over your vehicle – but in this situation this isn’t one of the usual innovative models by GuidoSimplex and shouldn’t be treated as such.

  • Personally I believe that it’s very much a matter of price, and I certainly wouldn’t pay top dollar for this.

GuidoSimplex Steering Knobs


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