GuidoSimplex Mechanical Push Pull Under Steering Wheel 36600

This particular hand control kit which is designed and manufactured by GuidoSimplex is one of their most basic models.  However in contrast to their competition the 36600 model is still relatively advanced with both mechanical acceleration and brakes.

There are a few reasons why this is certainly set apart from its competition.  The first reason is this doesn’t use the outdated push pull design which hits your leg.  Furthermore the linkage from the hand controls to the pedals do not  impede the entering and exiting of the vehicle as is the case with many other manufacturers.

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Push Pull Under Steering Wheel Handle 36600

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Push Pull Under Steering Wheel Handle 36600

The fact that it has mechanical linkage at all already sets it apart quite significantly from large swathes of competition, and this linkage makes driving significantly easier.

  • This is particularly useful for those who want a safer and more relaxing driving experience.  Those with more serious conditions (or who want an even more relaxing driving experience) may want to upgrade to electronic accelerators and/or brakes.

The usage and design of this model is very similar to that of Monarch or Mobility Products and Design.  If you’re looking for the innovative side of GuidoSimplex then I wouldn’t start here, because what you’re looking at is very much a standard push rock hand control.

One of the advantages of having a model which doesn’t have intrusive components is that it allows you to enter and exit the vehicle much easier.  Many models, especially outdated ones, have parts which obstruct the legs and can cause damage to the driver’s legs.  However this is not a problem with this design.

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