GuidoSimplex Mechanical Long Arm Brake Only Lever 907FV

The Long Arm Mechanical Brake lever is an incredibly useful GuidoSimplex design with several aspects which make it unique, the first being its placement.

As I’m sure you know, mixing brake and acceleration only hand controls together is a method some people use to enable flexibility in meeting their specific requirements. The placement of the 907FV is positioned very close to the steering wheel, and used in conjunction with an acceleration gas ring (also by GuidoSimplex) would result in unique ease of operation.

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Long Arm Brake Only Lever 907FV

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Long Arm Brake Only Lever 907FV

This particular model is a standard mechanical linkage brake, meaning that the force required to use it is much reduced. This is perfect for those who have severe disabilities, or simply those who want a more enjoyable and less tiresome driving experience.

It’s constructed from aluminum and coated with rubber allowing for a quality feel, but most importantly absolute usability. The style, color and texture fits in perfectly with the interior of most vehicles making it non intrusive.

  • The brake handle also comes with two car function buttons allowing for the activation of both the sound horn and brake locking system.

One problem which some disabled drivers encounter with some designs is in attempting to rapidly switch between the hand controls, steering wheel, secondary car functions. You hands can’t be everywhere at the same time, but combined with acceleration devices (not necessarily by GuidoSimplex) such as the pulsar satellite pen allows for one of the easiest driving experiences possible.

  • The unique combinations you can create match up to most disable people’s needs, and most importantly can keep your hands on (or very close to) the steering wheel. This allows for more comfortable, but more importantly safer driving.

The advantage of this particular model is that it allows for near-steering wheel placement, which in turns allows for the easiest driving experience possible. Aside from this, its mechanical brakes are nothing amazing (very standard for GuidoSimplex), and its 2 buttons for car functionalities are limited.

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This particular product utilizes hydraulic components (which are two sets up from mechanical and one step up from electronic) which completely automates the braking process – just one press of a button to brake successfully.

However, if you’re more interested in all the different brake only driving controls by GuidoSimplex then you can see that too. This page lists all of the various different options which you can go for produced by the disabled car equipment manufacturer GuidoSimplex.

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