GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake Only Command Lever 907P

If you’re interested in brake only hand controls which use mechanical linkage to reduce the amount of effort required, then we suggest you take a look at the 907P Brake Command Concept.

One aspect which makes this brake lever unique is that it’s anchored below the disabled driver’s seat which means two important things. The first is that it means that are no cables under the driver’s wheel which, by extension, means easier entering/exiting of the vehicle as well as no components hitting or rubbing up against the disabled person’s legs.

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake Only Command Lever 907P

The GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake Only Command Lever 907P

Secondly it means that neither permanent nor extensive modifications need to be made to the car. In a lot of cases with advanced hand controls, one of the main problems is that the dashboard needs to be cut up, bolts placed here and there – and all these things reduce the value of the car and make it much more difficult to sell afterwards.

  • By contrast, because the 907P utilizes parts of the car which are already there (in this case the seat’s sliding mechanism), only minor modifications are required – meaning reselling the car, or even just removing the driving controls for non-disabled use is much easier.

Due to the mechanical design of this brake control you’ll find that braking is quite an easy proposition. Admittedly not quite as easy as models which use electronic (or electronic activators of mechanical components) – but still very easy; especially when compared with manual designs.

Furthermore you’ll find that this GuidoSimplex model is fitted with two function buttons which allow control of the horn signal and brake lock.

  • One downside of the secondary function buttons with this model is that they’re not customizable like some of GuidoSimplex’s dedicated keypad car function controls – or other manufacturer’s products such as Menox or Veigel which are programmable.

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