GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator 907P-EL

The model 907P-EL designed by GuidoSimplex is a hand control lever with a brake command and electronic accelerator.

This is a manual controller as opposed to several of GuidoSimplex’s automatic designs which allow for acceleration/braking at the push of a button.  As far as manual hand controls go this is certainly a very good model, although perhaps not as good as industry leaders such as Menox or Veigel.  The reasons for this pertain to its limited secondary car function buttons and customizability options.

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator Hand Control 907P-EL

The GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator Hand Control 907P-EL

One way in which this is superior is that the lever is integrated into the car without needing structural alterations made to the vehicle such as the aforementioned other disabled driving control manufacturers.

  • This particular hand control uses the car’s seat sliding components in order to anchor it into the floor of the vehicle by the side of the driver.

This is certainly an improvement to most or designs by other manufacturers where the handle to control the model, and its moving parts are placed in a position where they inhibit the entering and exiting of the vehicle – generally being placed below the steering wheel.

  • Like most hand controls the operation of acceleration is engaged when the lever is pulled towards the driver.

The handle has been ergonomically sculpted for the supposed benefits of following the contours of one’s hand for more comfortable driving.  Whether this really makes a difference is yet to be seen, but personally I see it more as a selling point as opposed to any significant (or minor) improvement in the driving experience.

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator Driving Control 907P-EL

The GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator Driving Control 907P-EL

Ultimately I think that you get the downsides of hand controls such as by Menox/Veigel without needing permanent modifications to the car.  But it has the limitations of its only control buttons being able to signal idle parking navigation and activate the horn.

The benefits of a handle over a lever…


It’s our belief that generally people are going to find a handle less intrusive and easier to operate, which is why we recommend them over most levers.

One such example which uses similar technologies is the model 36200NL hand control which is worth checking out.

  • This particular model is one of their most advanced, sleekest options and can be fixed to either the left or right side of the steering wheel.

If you want to find out about similar models to the 36200NL and the 907P-EL you can find the page for models with electric accelerators and mechanized brakes here.

Finally if you just want to check out every single one of GuidoSimplex’s hand controls you can do so here.

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