GuidoSimplex Mechanical Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Hand Controls

Even though Mechanical hand controls are the ‘best’ models of many different manufacturers across the world, it may be a pleasant surprise to you that for GuidoSimplex they’re actually some of the worst.

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Push Pull Under Steering Wheel Handle 36600

All in all this is probably their most basic design, but ultimately for most people it’ll do the job.

GuidoSimplex Europa Mechanical Brake and Accelerator Lever

A similar model aside from having a different handle design and placement.

Mechanical Accelerator and Brakes information…


A lot of people get confused by the vast array of different models on offer by GuidoSimplex and other manufacturers.  Although these are certainly some of the worst of their products you’ll find that absolutely the vast majority of people are going to find them more accommodating.

Many of the models which GuidoSimplex produces are simply there to achieve two things:

  • To allow disabled driver for those with incredibly severe disabilities who are not strong enough for regular hand control kits.
  • To grant handicapped drivers who have enough money the ability to drive with a model which requires minimal efforts with regards to usage.

But unless you have an incredibly severe disability where you’re very weak but still want to drive then you won’t have a problem with these hand controls – or most likely non-mechanical ones.

These are very much designed to allow people comfort of driving, and if you’re young and in fit condition then there’s no reason why you should want something which makes driving easier – when frankly it’s not too hard to begin with.  Indeed many people don’t want to take the ‘easy option‘.

  • On the other hand it’s completely understandable that some people want to have an easier driving experience, if you get fatigued whilst driving it’s just not a pleasurable experience – so why not make it one?

Considering that some of their more advanced models allow acceleration and braking at the push of a button it’s no wonder why GuidoSimplex is so popular across Italy and more specifically Europe.

An upgrade to electronic accelerators…


You’ll find that for practically everyone having electronic accelerators are far better to use than electronic brakes, the reason for this being that you’ll be using your acceleration lever/button/wheel much more than your brake.

If this is the case and you do find that you want to utilize this GuidoSimplex technology then check out electronic accelerators with mechanical brake hand control devices for further details.

All GuidoSimplex hand controls


If you’re interested in an index page of all of their different categories and types then feel free to check out our listing page which will help you find the technology you want (Example ‘brake only’) and then progress to the different models on offer.

GuidoSimplex has the largest range of hand controls available.  These feature many different technology types including manual, hydraulic, electronic and mechanical hand controls.  If you have a severe disability or specialist requirements which portable kits can’t assist you with then I would suggest GuidoSimplex hand controls as a good option.  You can find out more about GuidoSimplex hand controls here.

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