GuidoSimplex Light Quad Electronic Accelerator and Mech Brake 2004

You’ll find that the 2004 GuidoSimplex series comes in two different versions with the ‘NL’ and ‘NS’, they’re identical aside from that the 2004ND comes with support for one’s wrist.

These are hand controls which have an electronic accelerator and a mechanical brake. Having both of these aspects made completely automated is very expensive, so in many GuidoSimplex driving equipment models there’s the decision to add this automation to accelerator which is by far the most regularly used.

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator Mechanical Brake Handle 2004NL

The GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator Mechanical Brake Handle 2004NL

Acceleration is achieved by the ‘radial accelerator’ which is GuidoSimplex code for anything which rotates around a pivot. In this case you won’t need to worry about any effort required to accelerate because it’s almost as easy as the touch of a button. Braking requires a little more effort but remember that this is mechanized so it’s still much easier than most other hand controls.

  • One aspect which makes this handicapped driving interface quite unique is its three button secondary car function placement.

As you may know, many GuidoSimplex products (as well as those by other manufacturers) use buttons which allow car functions such as the headlights and turn signals to be operated remotely.

The uniqueness regarding this device is the placing, the handle has a wrist guard above and to the side which is to prevent the wrist from coming free. In the interior section (as you can see above) of the wrist guard you’ll see that there are three buttons which control the important functions (such as the aforementioned ones).

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator Mechanical Brake Handle 2004NS

The GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator Mechanical Brake Handle 2004NS

One useful aspect of this handle control is that no dashboard scarring takes place which leaves your car more or less intact. The installation is not permanent and extensive car modifications do not need to be made whatsoever.

  • What’s more is that various (and most importantly significant) adjustments can be made pertaining to the angle and length of the handle and hardware.

One limiting aspect of using many models is that they’re not able to be universally fitted onto cars simply because they cannot properly fit in. However this is not the case in this situation.

All in all we’re looking with a very positive model that has everything you need for easy driving. It has control of the car’s secondary functions whereby the driver doesn’t need to take his hand of the driving handle, as well as automated acceleration with mechanized braking.

If you’re interested in a model which features the same acceleration/braking capabilities but is in the form of a stationary lever which is affixed to the car’s floor for easy entering/exiting then you may be interested in the hand control lever with mechanized brakes and electronic acceleration.

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