GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Pedals

Below you’ll find two pages which are the two different models for left foot pedals which control the gas acceleration, and which are manufactured by GuidoSimplex.  You can find out more about the products directly below, or find out general information regarding this technology type below too.

GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Pedal 908

GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Pedal Floor Installed EU010

Left Foot Gas Accelerators


You’ll find that GuidoSimplex has produced a useful range of pedals which are perfect for allowing the acceleration using the left, inside of right pedal.  But some people question why this is the case?  Why are they favored over the right brake pedal?

The main reason comes in conjunction with the hand controls used with person with the use of only one extremity.  Having only one leg functional means that hand controls must be used to drive the vehicle.

The main problem is that if the person can actively brake, it means he/she must accelerate using the hand control.  This means that they’re having to constant use their hands, whereas if it was a brake they’d only need to utilize it very infrequently.

There are plenty of hand controls which work well with this type of pedal, I suggest checking out that specific page if you want to learn more about brake-only devices.

GuidoSimplex Pedals


If you want to find out about the different models which are available, you can check out our pedals by GuidoSimplex page for further details.

  • These include various pedal extensions as well as guards, as well as of course what you find on this page.

If you want to see another page, their Pedal Extensions and Guards you can view that too.

Hand Controls for Disabled Drivers


You’ll find that the topic of handicapped driving equipment is a long and complex one, you need to be able to find what it is you want, the manufacturer which makes them and finally the correct model.

Each of these ‘simple’ tasks is incredibly difficult, see our page on handicap vehicles for assistance.

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