GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal Floor Installed EU010

The EU010 is a left food pedal accelerator and you can consider it the ‘big brother’ of the model 908. It’s installed over the pedals and fitted onto the floor and allows the gas pedal to be controlled on the left side.

There are a few ways which this is different, and perhaps superior (you’ll have to decide for yourself). As you’ll be able to tell right away there’s a pedal guard in front of the right pedal to protect it from accidental engagement. Remember that you (presumably) won’t have much (if any) control over your right leg.

GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal Floor Installed EU010

The GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal Floor Installed EU010

Another obvious improvement is that it’s attached to the floor, where it’s bolted firmly in position. It’s important to note (and you can see this in the image), that it’s possible for a reasonably quick removal of the entire pedal system.

  • This allows quick transference from ‘disabled vehicle’ to a regular one, even if combined with some brake-only controls which do not impede regular car use.

This kind of left pedal installment is very useful when used in conjunction with an aforementioned brake only model.

Remember that primarily, most people who are going to use this pedal are going to much prefer to accelerate with their feet as opposed to braking.

The reasoning for this is that if you had to accelerate using a hand control it would be far more tiring since you’d have to use it far more frequently than a braking device.

  • There are plenty of different GuidoSimplex (or other manufacturers) which offer brake only devices, so you can use it with most different designs.

Finally it’s universally installable; it can be installed onto all vehicles because ultimately the design is quite basic. A problem of some handicapped driving equipment is that it’s car model-specific, or is only installable when certain requirements are met. This is not the case here.

Ultimately we’re looking at a reasonable, universal left foot gas pedal. It’s nothing to shout about, but it’s of standard, solid design by a reputable manufacturer of disabled car equipment.

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If you’re interested in all the different models of pedal, you can see our page on GuidoSimplex pedals for disabled drivers.

It may be worth checking out a similar model, [intlink id=”1265″ type=”post”]the 908 left foot gas accelerator[/intlink] which has some similarities – but also some differences you may prefer.

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