GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal 908

The 908 left foot pedal by GuidoSimplex allows the accelerator to be controlled by the left food as opposed to the right one.

As you can see by the picture, a metallic pedal is inserted on the left side which accesses the right pedal which remains in place aside from several modifications.

GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal 908

The GuidoSimplex Left Foot Gas Accelerator Pedal 908

These are perfectly suited to people who are only able to use one leg, but are unfortunate (in a sense) that it’s the right leg.

Remember that you’re going to use the acceleration far more than the brakes, so in general it’s far better to have a left pedal accelerator and use a standalone brake only hand control.

Otherwise you’d have to use your arms all the time for accelerating, as opposed to just occasionally for braking.

One of the advantages of the 908 is that the original pedal is not changed, which means that when its removed driving can taken place as normal.

  • One problem with some pedal installations is that they can cause problems when being removed, requiring work to put them back in this place; in this case it is not so.

However, this doesn’t mean the installation won’t cause internal scarring, remember that a base plate is bolted down to the floor in front of the feet space.  This can be removed, but would look ghastly with various holes as well as color disfigurations.

  • This is certainly one if its downsides because it’ll certainly reduce the value of the vehicle; unless you’re luckily selling it to someone who needs it exactly as it is.

In most cases it will be removed, look quite terrible and reduce the value of the car for resale.  However, you have to ask yourself if this will be a problem for you or not.

One useful aspect is that the left gas pedal can be quickly taken off via the pedal lock for regular driving.  Remember this isn’t removing the entire contraption, just the pedal and parts pertaining to its use and manipulation of the right pedal.

Once the left pedal is pressed down, the original right gas pedal is pushed down via the linkage between the two.  It’s this linkage and left pedal which can be rapidly removed for regular driving when is necessary.

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