GuidoSimplex Joystick Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator DGS01 EU

You’ll find that the GuidoSimplex Joystick is perhaps the most advanced driving hand control ever created and it’s just one aspect of the GuidoSimplex ‘total driving’ experience whereby every single aspect of disabled driving is taken care of as opposed to just the actual driving.

One definite downside of this is that its installation is as part of the ‘total driving’ layout, which itself involves every part of the driving process covered.  Entering the vehicle independently, setting yourself into position and getting out the vehicle (as well as actually driving of course) are all options which are covered.

GuidoSimplex Joystick Total Driving Hand Control DGS01 EU

The GuidoSimplex Joystick Total Driving Hand Control DGS01 EU

  • However, aside from this one downside there are plenty of different reasons to opt for this installation.

The first obvious reason is its near effortless driving, you simply push the joystick either forwards or backwards to accelerator or brake.  There’s not a specific motion setting because you can actually change around which action produces which result to suit your requirements.

The lever allows for a simply rolling motion to be able to smoothly dictate acceleration or brake, and these are proportional to how fast your car will speed up/slow down.  So rolling to the joystick to one side all the way will cause your vehicle to accelerate as fast as possible (assuming you have set the hand control to respond with acceleration and not brake).

This driving system is only recommended for automatic vehicles only, however it is possible to be installed onto manual vehicles in some cases.

  • One advantage of this model is that the vehicle can be driven by a non-disabled driver because the hand controls do not interfere with the pedals and steering wheel.  However this isn’t possible if the driver’s seat has been removed which although is part of the ‘total driving’ experience by GuidoSimplex isn’t compulsory.

The easy driving is partly because of the hydraulic brakes and electronically assisted accelerator which require almost no effort to use.

GuidoSimplex Joystick Total Driving Disabled Hand Control DGS01 EU

GuidoSimplex Joystick Total Driving Disabled Hand Control DGS01 EU

Ultimately, I think this is certainly one of the best hand controls by GuidoSimplex currently on the market.  Its driving is near effortless, it’s intuitive and proportionally responsive (which some electronic accelerators/brakes lack).  The downsides are that installations are difficult to arrange and it all really depends on your local disabled car dealership – but that doesn’t mean you can’t go a little further out if necessary to ascertain the joystick and its installation.

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If you’re interested in this then we suggest also checking out the Freedom to Drive System by GuidoSimplex which is similar but with greater degrees of flexibility with regards to customization.

Or if you’d like to find out about these hand control technology types, you can see our page on hydraulic brakes and electronic accelerators which have been manufactured by GuidoSimplex also.

Getting to grips with hand controls in general


If you think that the entire topic of driving controls for disabled persons is incredibly complicated then you’re certainly not wrong.  There’s a dizzying array of manufacturers with various different products, models and services and getting to grips with aspects of their purchase, installation – not to mention what exactly everything is and what it does is incredibly difficult.

So if you want to learn everything about the topic we suggest you check out our page on vehicle hand controls to help you get to grips with everything.

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