GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Power Assisted Brake Only Hand Control AS01

If you’re interested in the most advanced brake only hand control that’s available, then the AS01 hydraulically assisted power brake might just interest you.

Firstly, before I get into things, I feel that I should put things into context so you can understand the absolute superiority and power of this model. It does of course have downsides too, but I’ll let you decide what you think of it.

GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Power Assisted Brake Only Hand Control AS01

The GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Power Assisted Brake Only Hand Control AS01

To start with, most hands controls by most other manufacturers don’t even have mechanical linkage (which reduces the effort required for operation). Most that do, generally don’t have electronic based devices – but certainly there are no hydraulically powered models.

  • Most manufacturers are just starting on electronic based activation technology, yet alone hydraulic – so hopefully this puts in perspective that we’re dealing with something that is light years ahead of the competition by… as you would expect – GuidoSimplex.

The difference between this and electronic devices may not be clear at first, to start with the main difference is that electronic products don’t allow for accurate and intuitive control of the vehicle. So for example, pushing down on the button of an acceleration pen (also pioneered by GuidoSimplex) doesn’t give you accurate control over how fast you actually want to go – like pushing down on a pedal does.

What the AS01 brake allows is to lighted the force required to operate the brake and clutch pedal, which allows you that greater flexibility of control on how much pressure to exert and the output that you want to follow.

  • The tiny weight of 1.5kg is all you need to activate the pedal which is a mere fraction of what’s usually required.

Essentially this model allows for a degree of control which is lost when electronic circuitry becomes involved, whilst massively reducing the actual burden required to drive the vehicle for the disabled person.

The system is position so that a brake lever operates the pedal, similar to that of their other designs. However whereas these are mechanical to reduce the effort, this relies on an automatic hydraulic distributer to reduce the effort input.

Generally this is people with severe disabilities or restrictions which otherwise make piloting the vehicle without substantial help nearly impossible.

I would say that one useful (but perhaps worrying) feature is the addition of an alarm feature which covers both visual and audio aspects, in case of malfunction. On the plus side it’s really a good thing that its been incorporated into the design – but the negative aspect is the question of “why do they really need it if it’s reliable?”.

  • One cannot help but think that it may not be as reliable as their other products due to the hydraulic components.

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As I’m sure you can tell by the name, this operates via an electronic switch which is as easy to operate as pushing a button (clichéd I know).

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If you don’t want to just focus on Guidosimplex and you want to see the alternative manufacturers out there.

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  1. joy says:

    *i have a handbrake but am having shoulder pain   could the guidosimplex handbrake help or any other suggestions

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Joy, I’d like to direct you to – there are several pieces of equipment designed to allow for easier usage of the hand brake. If you’re interested in these products then I would recommend calling your local disabled car shops to get a quoted price and have them install them for you should you choose them. At the moment I’m unaware of any other disabled driving manufacturers who are producing similar pieces of equipment.

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