GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex almost exclusively produces these types of advanced hand controls featuring electronic accelerators and hydraulically enabled brakes.  Find about about the different models which encompass this technology below.

GuidoSimplex Joystick Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

A little information about this type of hand control technology


These two disabled driving systems, the ‘freedom’ and ‘joystick’ are designed to allow drivers with almost any disability the capability to drive.

GuidoSimplex Driving Joystick…


The Joystick system is one part of the ‘total driving’ range by GuidoSimplex which involves the driving complete access to the vehicle’s driving capabilities.

Note: GuidoSimplex’s ‘total driving’ solution is the complete management with regards to the driving of the vehicle by the disabled individual.  This means everything from entering the vehicle, positioning once inside, driving and exiting the vehicle are all adequately catered for.

One aspect of this is the joystick system which allows for electronic acceleration and mechanical brakes which allow for near effortless driving.

Some hand controls are created for people who perhaps want a slightly more relaxing driving experience, but these are very much created for those who have a very limited capacity to drive the vehicle themselves.

GuidoSimplex Freedom System…


The ‘Freedom System’ is incredibly versatile with regards to the driving options possible, allowing for three different hand grips to cater specifically for the driver’s needs.

The Freedom hand control features mechanical brakes which require very little effort to activate, but also an electronic accelerator which allows propulsion at the mere push of a button.

You’ll find that this along with their joystick are incredibly effective methods of driving for disabled persons who have limited capabilities.

GuidoSimplex Hand Controls


Overall the chances are that you’ll come to find that GuidoSimplex produces the best and most innovative models.  But what do I mean by this?  They produce designs which cater to the majority of people in a highly effective manner (just look at the examples above), and the ‘innovation’ aspect is with regards to their models which are completely different from the crowd.

  • You can think of GuidoSimplex as an ‘alternative’ manufacturer because what they produce is very much unique.

If you want to find out more about their hand controls, see our page on GuidoSimplex hand controls for cars for further details.

Disabled Driving Controls…


GuidoSimplex is just one of many different manufacturers who produce a wide array of driving equipment for handicapped people.  If you want to find out about all the different manufacturer’s products and services, see our handicap controls for cars page.

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