GuidoSimplex Hand Controls for Cars – installation and use

When it comes to the installation and usage of GuidoSimplex Handicap Hand Controls for cars there’s a variety of permanent and portable designs on offer, each one designed to cater for a specific individual.  Find out more below.

One of the things which make GuidoSimplex so impressive is there innovative variation which really sets them apart from their competitors.  Instead of having bog standard designs which cater to people who have complete loss of feeling in both legs and which simply push down on the pedals, they have a much broad spectrum of products to suit an even wider spectrum of people when one design is used – or two in conjunction with each other.

Now most regular designs simply act as a mechanism between the floor pedals and the driver’s hands which allows the disabled people to essentially push the pedals by extension of using his/her hands.  GuidoSimplex on the other hand has products which are designed for people who can only use one leg for example.  It’s far better to use two hands and one leg than just two hands and their products such as brake only driving controls really reflect this.

Installation is permanent for most of their braking devices but not for many of their acceleration designs.  So for example their acceleration wheel is a circular in shape and placed over the steering wheel.  When it’s pushed downwards it accelerates, and releasing the pressure causes the acceleration to stop.  This is much better than having a standard MPS design for example to accelerate, because you get to keep both hands on the wheel.  This makes driving easier, more relaxing and far less hassle for those involved.

What’s more is that the important components of this acceleration wheel don’t have to be removed so a non disabled person can use the car.  When they want to drive the car they just take the wheel of and leave the other parts which have been permanently installed.  These aren’t intrusive like most designs which are hanging around people’s legs so they don’t cause any problem, and you just have to hit a release switch and the wheel comes off.

Not all of these designs on removable and many of their brake controls are attached far more intricately into the car.  Unlike some of their acceleration driving equipment you’ll be unlikely to be able to remove a statically place brake handle.

I would say this is certainly a downside of GuidoSimplex Hand Controls but I personally see it as an inevitable one.  The truth is that if you want to have advanced driving aids for disabled people then it’s just not good enough to have a design model which you can quickly take on and off.  Genuine structural installations and changes to the car have to take place, and without them you’re looking at being destined to far more basic hand controls.

One aspect which really appeals to me are some of their brake only controls and their use in conjunction with acceleration equipment.  If you still have the strength in one leg to use the brakes then clearly an acceleration wheel is perfect for you.  It’s safer and far easier to use – as well as being designed in a far less intrusive manner.

On the other hand there are still some pretty big advantages to using it because you can keep both your hands on the wheel.  See it would seem that if there was a braking device which could be attached to the wheel also then you’d really have the best of both worlds.  Easy accelerating that doesn’t require physical exertion to operate as well as the safety which comes with having both hands on the car.

Well even if you haven’t had any of my GuidoSimplex Hand Controls Reviews then I’m sure you can figure out that the variation in products is such that there are indeed brake only controls which can be mounted on the steering wheel.  But wait!  What if you only want to brake and you have your leg which can accelerate – well you can still do that too of course.

Ultimately this is what GuidoSimplex offers.  Flexibility.  Adaptability.  But most importantly you get unique, safe and more pleasurable driving hand controls

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