GuidoSimplex Gas Under Ring Accelerator Wheel 916R

The ‘under ring’ accelerator is very similar to the ‘over steering wheel’ accelerator, but it has a few slight differences.

To start with the 916R is a universal model meaning that there’s only one of it (as opposed to 3 slightly different models for the over the top acceleration wheels) and it can also be fitted into practically any vehicle.

GuidoSimplex Gas Under Ring Accelerator Wheel 916R

GuidoSimplex Gas Under Ring Accelerator Wheel 916R

Some hand controls such as by companies like Menox/Veigel are limited with regards to which vehicles they can be installed into.  On the other hand the modifications required to install this are minimal and you’ll find it’s able to be installed on pretty much anything (as opposed to a set list of vehicles it’s compatible with).

You’ll find that hand controls like these are incredibly useful for people who need only acceleration and who are strong enough to use the brakes on their own.

  • Or of course there are people who prefer to buy separate brake and acceleration controls.

These are a number of reasons for this, the first is that it allows you to match together numerous different product combinations to attain the requirements you need – whatever those may be.

  • It also tends to be the case that the individual models seem to be better than their all-in-one alternatives.

This does make sense, and it couldn’t be more outlined in this model, where to activate the acceleration wheel you need to push it upwards towards the wheel by squeezing it.  To stop acceleration you simply have to release the pressure.

  • This is near effortless acceleration due to the electronic hardware, remember that this is electronic-only whereas you do receive more flexibility with the ‘over the top’ rings being either electronic or a mix with mechanical components too.

Whether you want to choose this or go for the ‘over the top’ version is really a matter of personal preference.  The only real difference is that with the ‘over the top’ versions you do get more flexibility with extra modifications you can make to it.

GuidoSimplex has specifically selected the 907FV, 911FST and 907P as mechanical brakes that are ideal to use in unison.  It’s also important to add that you can have brakes attached to the steering wheel itself.

I’m sure you can see the big bonus in having brakes attached to the steering wheel, you don’t need to take your hands of the wheel for anything.  Now let’s say we include a secondary car function keypad into the equation.

…This means that you’re able to control the car’s brakes, acceleration, steering as well as headlights, turn signals and windscreen washers all in one place!

Other Acceleration only hand controls…


If you’re interested in other models which are for acceleration only then we’d suggest that you take a look at the Pulsar Satellite Accelerator Pen 906 Elc model which is also manufactured by GuidoSimplex.  This is similar in shape to a pen and activating the gas pedal is as easy as holding down a switch.

Or if you want to check out all the different GuidoSimplex acceleration only devices you can do so here.

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We understand that all of the different disabled driving aids can certainly be mind boggling.  On the other hand you can utilize our website to find the right hand controls for disabled drivers for you.

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