GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906GV

You may or may not know that GuidoSimplex produces some of the best hand controls possible, and the 906 Gas Ring acceleration wheel is no exception.  It’s certainly a cornerstone of their advanced models, and you can find out everything about it – as well as the different (but very similar models) below.

The 906GV has three different models in total, the first is the standard ‘906GV’ and then there’s the ‘906GVNT’ and the ‘906GVQR’.

GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906gv

The GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906gv

What I’m mainly going to be referring to is the 906GV version, and later I’ll go over how the other two models are slight improvements on the main one.  It’s the scenario that essentially they’re all the same aside from having only slight differences.

  • The Over Ring accelerator allows for disabled driving which is practically effortless.  You simply need to apply pressure downwards by pushing for the acceleration to activate and to slow down you simply reduce the pressure.

Whereas other manual or mechanical hand controls require surprisingly high levels of effort to operate, this is very much near-effortless due to the electronic components.  You can either buy it completely electronic or electronic with mechanical parts which aren’t quite as good, but still effective.

One of the really positives things about this model is that you keep your hands on the steering wheel instead of having to switch back and forth amongst other things.  One problem which some people have is the ability to have to switch between a conventional handle or lever and the steering wheel – not to mentioned car function buttons controlling turn signals.

This GuidoSimplex solution is ingenious because it allows for the hands to remain on the steering wheel, as well as offering other product solutions which allow for secondary control keypads to be installed.  These allow almost complete car control in one place which makes driving much safer as well as a more comfortable experience.

  • One (admittedly minor) issue which some people have but tend not to want to admit is with the aesthetic appearance of the hand controls in their vehicle.  No one wants something which is obvious and intrusive, and one very positive aspect of the over ring accelerator is that it can be customized to blend on with the car, making it almost unnoticeable.

Finally you’ll find that on any of the versions the airbag’s release is not compromised, which again increases the safety aspects of the installation.



As you can imagine, this is pretty much exactly the same as the regular version however it does one quite useful addition.

As you can see from the picture below, it allows for a customized central bracket which allows for secondary control function buttons to be installed.  This allows remote control access of headlights and turn signals for example.

GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906gvnt

The GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906gvnt



This also has the customizable central buttons, but it also has a quick-release mechanism.  This allows for non-disabled driver to occur easily because removing the accelerator ring is as easy as releasing a switch on the bracket.  This allows you to lift the contraption, up and off and store it elsewhere for when it’s required later down the road.

As a safety feature, acceleration is not possible unless the wheel is properly mounted and installed.

GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906gvqr

The GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906gvqr

Perfect to be used with brake only models…


These acceleration wheels have been made with the option of being a standalone product, but they also work incredibly well with brake attachments.

These are very advanced and come as either handles or levers; generally you’ll find that the handles can be attached to the steering wheel.  This means that you can essentially keep your hands on the steering wheel and have complete control over your vehicle all in one place.

They’re designed to be used with the 907FV, 911FST or 907P mechanical brakes, and you can find these on our brakes-only page when you visit our page which lists all GuidoSimplex driving controls for cars page.

Other GuidoSimplex hand controls you’ll be interested in


Some people love the acceleration but would much prefer that it would sit under the steering wheel as opposed to on top of it.

As with many aspects of disabled driving controls this really comes down to personal preference, they’re certainly quite similar aside from this one alteration, and if you’d like to learn more about this, check out our page on the under steering wheel accelerator ring by GuidoSimplex.

Or if you want to check all all the acceleration only hand controls see here.

All handicap driving equipment…


As you’ve probably figured out by now there’s an insanely wide array of various different hand controls, driving pedals, knobs… and believe me, much more.

If you want a comprehensive guide to finding the right model/service for you, we suggest checking out our page on all the different types of handicapped driving equipment to direct you to exactly what you’re looking for.

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    What is the cost of handicapped steering wheel rings for acceleration and braking ?
    Do they require professional installation?

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi, it really depends on finding a mobility dealership that sells them. Yes, they require a professional installation because these are electronic-based hand controls.

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