GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Three Pedal Extension 999

This particular pedal extension is designed for every single pedal, and it includes a metal plate floor attachment with mechanical linkage leading up to the pedal extensions.

The immediate downside to this particular model is that it requires for every single pedal to be extended.  This is a slight problem because most people will need the same length for one foot than the other, but don’t forget that there are still plenty of people who have one leg shorter than another where it won’t be suitable at all.

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Three Pedal Extension Kit 999

The GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Three Pedal Extension Kit 999

Another immediate disadvantage is that it’s a floor fitted installation, however as far as handicapped driving pedals go I’d say that this is relatively non intrusive.  Ultimately you are going to have pedals in the floor, but nothing which a car mat wouldn’t remedy.

One aspect which is useful is that the actual extended length is quite far, around 6-9 inches – this allows for a much greater reach than when compared with the model 1192 which is rather limited.

The advantages of this pedal installation (especially over the 1192) are that it’s a ‘proper’ mechanical pedal with smooth action movements (assuming they’re well oiled).  This allows for a more secure as well as smoother engagement.

It’s also stationed on a metal plate bolted to the floor which makes it incredibly secure.  The model 1192 is very secure also so this isn’t an improvement over that, but in general you’ll find many attachments are generally just onto the original pedal itself.

There are advantages to this, such as the portability with being able to quickly remove it whilst leaving almost no scarring to the car itself.  But the downside is clear because you want a secure and firm device, set properly into place – and the model 999 is a pedal extension which provides this.

  • To summarize, if you need significant extensions on all of your pedals then I would suggest that it’s for you – especially if you’re going to have the vehicle a long time and you’re aware of the installation scaring and lack of portability.

But if you want a non-disabled (or person of short statured) to be able to drive the vehicle then you’ll want quickly detachable pedal extenders which you can quickly remove and store aside, and these definitely aren’t it.

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  1. angela perez says:

    i am in ned of these peda extends but i dont see how much they are and how to order them. do u deliver them, and if so how much sit for delivery. where is this located.

    • angela perez says:

      i messed that all up….. im in need of these pdal extenders. and how much with delivery. that should do the trick, sorry

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