GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Cover Guard 3

This Gas, Brake and Clutch pedal guard is designed to be used in conjunction with hand controls, and is designed by GuidoSimplex to enable complete pedal coverage.

Some pedal guards are designed for merely one or two pedals, in this instance it’s because the disabled driver can still use one leg but doesn’t want the other leg to accidently engage something.  In this instance the driver cannot use his/her legs and is relying purely on hand controls for driving.

GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Cover Guard 3

The GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Cover Guard 3

The model 3 by GuidoSimplex is aptly named because it covers all pedals; it’s quite lightweight but having a heavier weight model is unnecessary.

One useful aspect which you’ll actually find with a lot of GuidoSimplex devices is that it can be quickly removed, and as you can see by the front this would be the case here.  It’s low mass design allows for quick removal, and its thin width allow for easy storage.

These are generally used in conjunction with GuidoSimplex hand controls, but there’s no reason why you can’t go for other manufacturers.  I actually think that if you’re just buying these because you bought a GuidoSimplex driving device and you want to stick ‘in brand’, that perhaps it would be better for you to go elsewhere.

Although GuidoSimplex is a great manufacturer of products, I wouldn’t say their devices (or pedals) are particularly cheap.  You’ll be able to find cheaper prices elsewhere, and as long as you take into account installation costs (if applicable), then you’ll be able to find a good deal.

The cost of installation pedal equipment is something which people tend to constantly overlook, and urge you against this.  Remember that a mechanic needs to be trained to install equipment for disabled drivers, which means their per-hour rate can be surprisingly expensive (and surprisingly varying).

You need to take into account the cost of the pedal, the cost per hour, and how many hours are involved in the actual installation.  This is true of all handicapped equipment which is installed on cars.

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