GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hydraulic Brake and Electronic Accelerator

Out of every single possible GuidoSimplex hand control, you’ll find that the Freedom System is considered my many (and us) the most advanced.  Now considering that we consider that vast majority of their products top notch you can look at this as the ‘best of the best’ as so to say.

This model features an electronic acceleration capability used in conjunction with a hydraulic brake which is situated upon the same hand control.  Use of the entire Freedom System takes place using just one hand placed encased within padded areas allowing for comfortable wrist control.  Using the device to accelerate is an easy affair, the electronic acceleration is ‘at a push of a button’, and although the brake takes a little more effort, it’s supported by mechanical linkage which reduces the effort output required.

GuidoSimplex Freedom to Drive System Stand Component

GuidoSimplex Freedom to Drive System Stand Component

One aspect which makes this particular model very useful are its three different grips, each allowing for slightly different control over the vehicle.  This allows the disabled person the ability to choose the style and capabilities which suit his physical requirements and capabilities.

Freedom System Hand Control Grip A


This is their most basic grip and it features a push brake pull accelerator/brake, similar to that of other controls however this is in control of hydraulic and electronic components making it much more powerful.

GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hand Control Grip  A

The GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hand Control Grip A

Freedom System Hand Control Grip B


The ‘B’ hand grip features a slight but ultimately substantial improvement over the ‘A’ system, it allows for three different secondary car control function buttons over the ‘A’.  This allows for certain aspects of the car’s functions to be used remotely by just the use of a button.  An example of this would be the turn signals, head lights and the car windscreen wipers.  GuidoSimplex hasn’t yet disclosed whether these are programmable like Menox or whether they’re set to specific functions, however in other cases where the GuidoSimplex buttons have been pre-programmed you’ll find that they specifically state this.

GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hand Control Grip B

The GuidoSimplex Freedom System Hand Control Grip B

Freedom System Hand Control Grip C


This is generally seen as the ‘best’, although really it’s a matter of personal preference, it features the push brake but also a radial accelerator.  This is designed to make acceleration more intuitive and easier.

Finally it has the secondary car functional control switches, the same as the ‘B Grip’ model also has.

Installation and compatibility…


You’ll find that this is suitable for all vehicles (although automatic are of course heavily recommended by us) and this is due to its highly adjustable height and width.  Some hand controls are unable to be installed on certain vehicles because they can’t reasonably fit in, well in this case you’ll find the Freedom System is universally installable.

Due to the complex nature of the components (the electronic acceleration and mechanical brakes) you’ll find that permanent modifications do need to be made to the car.  This flexibility also allows for either left or right sided mounting depending on preference.

Ultimately you’ll find that installation (although obviously requiring a qualified mechanic – preferably with prior experience) isn’t anywhere near as complicated a procedure as people believe it to be.  When you consider that level of control you get over your vehicle, especially when contrasted with the installation times for inferior hand controls then you’re looking at perhaps 6-10 hours of work time.

I’ll note that this time can vary dramatically based on where you’re getting your work done.  It’s a little known trick that some disabled car dealerships will simply inflate the time require to perform the installation hence raising the total cost overall.  This however, can vary from shop to shop so it’s not something I can specifically pin point

A central processing chip (CPU) needs to be installed to allow the use of the car’s secondary control functions, and I’ve included a picture of this below.

GuidoSimplex Freedom System Grip's CPU Component

The GuidoSimplex Freedom System Grip’s CPU Component

Other Similar Models by GuidoSimplex…


One quite similar model which is part of their ‘total driving’ series is the GuidoSimplex Joystick model DGS01 EU which uses the same hydraulic brake and electronic accelerator technology.

It’s definitely worth checking out, but if you want to take a loo at all models that use this type of technology then we suggest taking a look at all the hydraulic brake and accelerators using electronic technology by GuidoSimplex.

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