GuidoSimplex Fixed Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 898B

One aspect which (yet again) distinguishes GuidoSimplex from many of its competitors is its use of attachable secondary car function buttons. In most cases (such as by Menox/Veigel for example) they’re only available as part of their primary hand control, and not available to be used in conjunction with other hand control models – by their company or not.

This is not the case with GuidoSimplex, the concept of standalone car control keypads such as the 898B works very well with other standalone models. Two good examples would be either acceleration or braking only hand controls, but there’s no reason why they can’t be used in conjunction with other model types. Find out more about the 898B fixed keypad below.

GuidoSimplex Fixed Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 898B

GuidoSimplex Fixed Secondary Car Function Control Keypad 898B

This particular keypad is attached behind the steering wheel on the end of a static pole which extends outwards, reaching out just a little further from the steering wheel allowing for easy reach and operation.

One downside of this model (compared with similar models as well as competition designs) is that you’re limited with what the secondary control function buttons can actually do.

To start with it only has five buttons, which itself is limited, however their functionalities are pre-programmed in. You can only control the turn signals, horn, headlights and or internal car light.

  • Looking at things from another perspective you’ll see that it may be an advantage, it’s purely dependent on the person.
  • Although those five buttons will certainly be seen as a limitation by many people, there are plenty others who find a keypad with 10-15 buttons too many.
  • Control over buttons is certainly an advantage, but the turn signals are the most important, and after that I would say that GuidoSimplex has done quite a good job in picking the functions most likely used – nevertheless user control will undoubtedly be appreciated by most.
GuidoSimplex Fixed Secondary Car Control Keypad 898B

The GuidoSimplex Fixed Secondary Car Control Keypad 898B

One definite advantage is that the installation of the 898B is almost completely universal, and it also comes with a variety of different color schemes and material types to blend in with the ‘feel’ of your car.

Finally the position can be adjusted to cater to the disabled driver’s requirements. This doesn’t mean positioning anywhere in the car, but the angle at which it points out can be altered effectively altering its height.

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