GuidoSimplex Europa Mechanical Brake and Accelerator Lever

The model 36800 Europa hand control is a mechanical brake and accelerator lever which is universally mountable on either the right or left side of the steering wheel.

The instant advantage of having this type of side mounting is that your legs aren’t bumped by the linkage which spans from the handle to the floor.  It’s operated by a smooth rotational action simply requiring you to turn it so it pivots at an angle.  Braking is as easy as pushing the lever forward and acceleration requires you to pull it.

GuidoSimplex Europa Mechanical Brake and Accelerator 36800


Although this is certainly one of the most ‘inferior’ GuidoSimplex models purely in terms of technology you’ll find that for most manufacturers of disabled car controls this is actually quite advanced.

The likes of MPS Monarch (for example) produce mechanically assisted devices such as this one as their ‘best’ designs, whereas for GuidoSimplex this is quite the opposite.

One immediately useful aspect of this is that installation requires no permanent alterations of original vehicle components.  You don’t have to worry about a severely reduced resale value because the car does not sustain any structural ‘damage’ upon installation.

One problem which tends to affect many other models is that the positioning of the handles means that the linkage gets in the way of the disabled driver’s legs.

This isn’t a big problem when driving, but when you want to exit the vehicle and you find your legs are tangling in lengths of metal it can be very frustrating; especially if you don’t have much help getting out the car.

  • This isn’t the case with the Europa lever, and it’s positioning allows for quick exit and entry.
GuidoSimplex Europa Mechanical Hand Control 36800

The GuidoSimplex Europa Mechanical Hand Control 36800

One useful safety aspect is that upon braking the accelerator will automatically disengage, and of course it’s worth mentioning that due to the mechanical nature of the device you’ll find that it takes minimal effort to accelerate and brake.

Finally you’ll find that the lever does not touch the driver’s leg, and again some driving controls can rub and cause friction damage; so this is especially useful for drivers who want to do a lot of driving.

To summarize I think it’s fair to say we’re dealing with a solid model, it’s certainly nothing special by GuidoSimplex standards but on the other hand compared with most competition it goes above and beyond the call in terms of price, simplicity and quality.

The majority of drivers will find this more than suitable to use, if you want a device which is easier to drive then picking a model which utilizes an electronic acceleration is your best bet – but aside from this you’ll find that they’re very much suitable for almost everyone.

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