GuidoSimplex Electronic Trigger Accelerator and Mechanical Brake 907 Elc

The 907 Elc is a very worthwhile hand control by GuidoSimplex and it’s automatic as opposed to manual such as most other hand controls by other disabled car equipment manufacturers are.

This model is designed to allow easy to use braking and accelerating which requires far less effort than most other designs.  One of this products greatest assets is its trigger acceleration, which is operated by using either a finger or thumb.  Accelerating is as easy as squeezing this ‘trigger’ which rotates it towards your body.  Considering that most other hand controls require vastly more significant effort from your arm/wrist to physically engage the brakes/acceleration manually, this accelerator is electronic and practically effortless.

GuidoSimplex Trigger Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Hand Control 907Elc

GuidoSimplex Trigger Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Hand Control 907Elc

Braking is also incredibly easy and it simply involves pushing the brake handle as pictured above with the acceleration trigger away from your body.  An added bonus of the braking handle is that it automatically cuts the accelerator when it’s activated.

One added features which you’ll find in many other GuidoSimplex driving aids is the ability to quickly activate a brake lock.  This is useful when you’re sitting at traffic lights and it means that you do not need to exert constant effort.  It’s an on off button meaning you don’t need to hold it down to keep it activated.

What’s more is that this is one of the few driving controls which allows the vehicle to be operated while the disabled driving device is in place by a non disabled driving.

  • You’ll find that in the vast majority of cases that if you want a vehicle retrofitted with handicapped car controls to be able to be operated by a non disabled person two things usually take place.

The first is that they must either be completely removed or the action parts be taken away so that it can be driven normally.

  • However this is one of the rare situations where the retrofitted installations can remain in place whilst a non-disabled driver can drive the vehicle with almost no intrusion.

I certainly think that this is a good choice, especially due to its nearly effortless driving.  GuidoSimplex really does pave the way for easy to operate driving equipment for the disabled so there’s no doubt that this is going to be a good choice for a lot of people.

An even better model is the Light Quad completely electronic model


Even though there’s no doubt in my mind that the 907 Elc is a fantastic model, certainly similar to this but with several key improvements.

Not that it should particularly matter, but on an aesthetic level it’s far sleeker to look at and is one of the few hand controls that can be called debonair.  The installation doesn’t alter any original part of the vehicle and it can be fitted on almost all vehicles with minor non-permanent modifications made, as well as having unique secondary control functionalities.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the 2004 Quad Light GuidoSimplex hand control which features the same electronic accelerator and mechanized brakes as the 907 Elc

Other models based on similar technology…


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