GuidoSimplex Electronic Controlled Mechanical Parking Brake 2005 AF

The 2005 AFS is an electronic parking brake which allows the hand brake to be activated by simply pushing a button. It uses dual electronic and mechanized technology allowing for electronic control of mechanical parts.

The electronic aspect of the hand control is the button which activates the mechanical mechanisms in control of the original parking brake. Furthermore the components used to create the 2005 AFS allow for universal installation on most cars and vehicles.

GuidoSimplex Electronic Controlled Mechanical Brake Only Switch 2005 AFS

GuidoSimplex Electronic Controlled Mechanical Brake Only Switch 2005 AFS

This type of model is particularly advantages for those who do not have sufficient muscle strength to be able to use the hand brake easily. There are plenty of situations where the disabilities makes such as feat very difficult, and in such situations using the electric parking brake is a clear alternative. Finally you’ll find that incase of something going wrong there’s both an sound and visual alarm, similar to that of the AS01 hydraulic brake.

Overall I can certainly see the merit in this kind of driving equipment, but ultimately I don’t think that the majority of people will find this particularly useful.

Most braking controls are generally designed for usage whilst driving and not this kind of situation. But ultimately for the people who need it this will be a great help for several reasons. It allows activation with the mere pressing of a button and installable on practically on vehicles. These two reasons make it suitable for literally anyone who needs it which is certainly a big strength of the product.

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If you’re interested in another model, which represents a more widely needed product for braking then we suggest looking at the Stationary Mechanical Brake Lever 911FST.

There are a few aspects which make this unique, one being that only the top handle moves whilst the rest of the lever remains stationary. This is certainly useful for those who do not like moving parts bumping into their legs or other parts of the car.

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As you may or may not have figured out by now, hand controls are a long and difficult topic to get your head around – which is why you can visit our disabled hand controls page to get started in finding exactly the right model/service which matches up to your requirements.

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