GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Hand Controls

You’ll find that having an electronic accelerator is far more useful than electronic brake because its used far more constantly.  Combining this acceleration device with a mechanical brake design is really the best of both worlds, because it allows always easy, safe and comfortable driving.  Learn about the different models under this category below.

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Handle 36200NL (and 36201NL)

Non-intrusive installation, easy to use, flexible adjustments, multiple knob support for its handle

GuidoSimplex Electronic Trigger Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Handle 907 Elc

Easy to use trigger accelerator, allows non-disabled driver usage, adjustable design for the handle

GuidoSimplex Light Quad Electronic Accelerator and Mechanized Brake Handle 2004

Both Electronic Accelerator and Brake, two versions, non-intrusive installation handle

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake and Electronic Accelerator Lever 907P-EL

Non-permanent installation, ergonomic, limited car function buttons, seat anchored lever

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I would say that a lot of people will find that although these aren’t quite the ‘best’ GuidoSimplex has to offer, they’re more than a match which almost any other manufacturer can provide in terms of disabled driving equipment.

The immediate advantages of their usage is their easy to use acceleration and mechanical brakes.  Now seeing as the brakes aren’t electrically controlled like the accelerator they’re not quite as easy to use, but you’ll find that practically everyone will find them incredible easy to use.

Many regular designs by other companies don’t even have any mechanical linkage whatsoever, let alone having electronic designs.

Accelerator only hand controls by GuidoSimplex


In some cases people won’t necessarily need brake controls at all if they can activate brakes normally, what’s more is that their accelerator only models can be used in conjunction with brake-only designs.

If you want to find out more, we suggest checking out our page on acceleration only GuidoSimplex hand controls which are perfect for disabled drivers.

All of the driving control products by GuidoSimplex


If you’ve not discovered this already then you’ll find out that although GuidoSimplex isn’t widely known in the US and UK they’re one of the most innovative producers of handicap driving equipment.

If you want to find out more, we suggest checking out the page on all of the GuidoSimplex hand control kits to learn more.

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When it comes to disabled driving (whether the disabled person is the passenger or driver) you’ll find that there’s a massive array of various different manufacturer’s products and services.

If you want a good place to start in finding exactly what you’re looking for, see our disabled driver’s homepage for further details.

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