GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake 36200NL

The model 36200NL by GuidoSimplex is one of their finest automatic hand controls, and is an ‘all-in-one’ model allowing both acceleration and braking to occur in the same place with the most minimal of effort requirements.

This particular model has two incarnations, the ‘36200NL’ and the ‘36201NL’, they are both exactly the same aside from the final model with the ‘1’ at the end is designed to be used with one’s left hand.  These are one of the best hand controls out at the moment, and they’re a definite upgrade to other models in the ‘Light lever series’ due to their non-intrusive installation and complete automatic capabilities.

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Handle 36200NL

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Handle 36200NL

In terms of ease-of-use I don’t think it’s possible to find any other model which is better than this at the moment.  Accelerator is as easy as rotating the tiny lever handle, and braking is simply a matter or pushing the entire handle forward.  These are both automatic processes which require very little actual effort.

One of the best things about this model is that the installation process does not scar the car by requiring permanent alterations.  For example there are previous versions which require what are referred to as ‘dashboard cutting’ which translate to permanent modifications.

This means that once the disabled driving equipment is removed it’s much more difficult to try and sell the car because of the damage sustained.

This item has substantially greater flexibility when it comes to installation because various angle and length adjustments can be made.  This means that almost all cars will be able to house installation because of these adjustments.

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Handle Left Hand 36201NL

GuidoSimplex Electronic Accelerator and Mechanical Brake Handle Left Hand 36201NL

One of the limitations of other manufacturers such as Viegel and Menox is that they can only be installed on specific vehicles.  Admittedly these too can be adjusted, but they’re far more limited with regards to the variety of vehicles which they can be installed onto.

Finally you’ll find that the 36200/36201NL connects via a wireless infrared interface to remote circuitry which allows activation of the vehicle’s secondary controls.

Generally secondary controls imply turn signals, headlights and other useful but not vital aspects of the car’s functionalities.

There are three possible handles which are affixed into the lever depending on personal preference.  The ‘America’ is a standard knob which is a handle that is spherical in shape, the ‘Quad Light’ is a handgrip handle and the ‘Quad Support’ is a handgrip which has wrist support features for even greater comfort when driving.

Finally you’ll find that due to the placement of the All-In-One hand control onto the steering wheel, that there’s almost no limitations in entering/exiting the vehicle as you’ll find with most other models which can inhibit the disabled driver’s ability to quickly move in and out due to the awkward position of components around the driver’s legs.

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