GuidoSimplex Electric Car Transfer Seat SEG-02

The SEG-02 is a transfer seat designed by GuidoSimplex to enable the disabled person to exit the vehicle.

This was constructed to allow easier exiting/entering of the vehicle via the electric seat which is anchored to a pole on the side of the car. One the handicapped person has positioned himself onto the seat it can be controlled and extended outwards. This allows quick transference from a vehicle seat to the SEG-02 or from a wheelchair to the SEG-02.

GuidoSimplex Disabled Driver Electric Car Transfer Seat SEG-02

The GuidoSimplex Disabled Driver Electric Car Transfer Seat SEG-02

One issue with drivers is that even with the most advanced hand controls allowing them total control of the vehicle; they still cannot mount themselves inside with assistance.

The SEG-02 forms just one aspect of the GuidoSimplex ‘total driving’ system which grants the disabled person complete ability to utilize their car without needing assistance from other people.

  • This has an advantage over the SEG-01 of being electronically powered, but personally I don’t think this is a big difference and there’s a lot more they could have done to make dramatic improvements.

There’s no doubt that it makes using it easier, but I think that ultimately it’s a very minor improvement. When you consider that it just takes a small amount of physical effort to use anyway, it hardly needs to be automated.

This isn’t to say that a very elderly disabled person being assisted by only another elderly person won’t find this helpful, only that in most cases it’s not going to provide much more help.

A swivel seat would work very well with this kind of transfer seat because it would allow swift rotation and mounting onto the transfer seat.

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You can also find out about the SEG-01 transfer seat manufactured by GuidoSimplex which is a similar non-electronic version.

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