GuidoSimplex Duck Clutch Hand Control 942

This particular clutch hat control by GuidoSimplex, like the others, requires the use of at least one leg in order to be operated as a standalone product. Actually this isn’t exactly true, find out why, and more about the Duck Clutch 942 below.

I said above that one extremity would be required, and although this is true you may have to use another hand control or possibly even a left gas pedal retrofit depending upon your condition. Being able to use just the gas or brakes is one thing, but being able to use them in a manner which is intuitive and efficient is certainly another.

GuidoSimplex Automatic Duck Clutch Hand Control 942

The GuidoSimplex Automatic Duck Clutch Hand Control 942

One good modification which is worth considering, to use in conjunction with this may be either an acceleration or brake only hand control. Remember that if you can use the acceleration pedal it’s certainly going to be awkward for you to switch between the two.

  • So if you could use the gas pedal, it may be worth getting a brake control which is attached to the steering wheel so you have a greater amount of control.
GuidoSimplex Automatic Duck Clutch Disabled Hand Control 942

The GuidoSimplex Automatic Duck Clutch Disabled Hand Control 942 – the Duck ‘beak’ allows for a better grip for using the button.

Like all the other GuidoSimplex clutches you’ll find that no modifications are required to the car’s original parts. Furthermore installation is relatively painless (especially when compared with many other manufacturers).

  • The 942 Duck has a central processing unit and incorporates mechanical functions controlled by electronic action points.

This allows for the driver to be able to able to have complete control over the clutch by just using a small button which is on the gear knob. This is pictured on the image above, and is colored in bright red so it’s obvious.

GuidoSimplex Automatic Duck Clutch Driving Hand Control 942

The GuidoSimplex Automatic Duck Clutch Driving Hand Control 942 – the red button activates the clutch.

This allows complete hands free driving and isn’t limited to use by disabled drivers, but any drivers with a manual vehicle who want to have a greater degree of control.

  • Changing the gears requires only a single hand.

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If you’re interested in checking out a similar design, the Syncro Clutch Hand Control 932 may be what you’re looking for.

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As you may or may not know, the topic of driving controls for cars is incredibly complex with a wide array of different products and services, each for slightly different requirements. You can find out about hand controls for driving here. This will provide you with comprehensive information from a wide array of manufacturers, as well as various help guides.

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  1. Robert Cugini says:

    I live in the US and am interested in puchasing the Duck Clutch system to self install. Is there someplace in the US or in Europe where I can purchase the system directly without installation, just parts. Thanks for any help and information you can provide. Regards, Robert Cugini

  2. I, too, am physically handicapped and I drive a manual vehicle. Where can I buy this duck hand-control and how much will it cost? I live in the Philippines but I can import things from the internet.

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Unfortunately it’s very unlikely that this is sold in the Philippines, I would suggest contacting GuidoSimplex directly.

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