GuidoSimplex Disabled Driver Car Transfer Seat

Utilizing products such as hand controls are just one aspect of driving as a disabled person, the peripheral devices such as transfer seats which allow quick entry and egress are almost as important.

GuidoSimplex produces two such devices:

GuidoSimplex Fixed Car Transfer Seat SEG-01

GuidoSimplex Electric Car Transfer Seat SEG-02

Vehicle Transfer Seats


As you’ll all know, getting in and out of the vehicle as a handicapped person can be a slow, tedious and difficult task.  By utilizing a transfer seat you can reduce the time required as well as making things easier and most importantly safer too.

They allow for the individual to rotate around as the transfer seat can swing away (for egress) or inwards towards the vehicle (for entry).

Ultimately the first question you should ask yourself is ‘are they worth it’, because these can be very expensive for what they do.  Whereas hand controls have the important task of actually driving the vehicle, which is impossible as a paraplegic as well as very important for people’s independence and sense of freedom.  On the other hand a transfer seat simply makes a task which was already possible easier, whilst not providing any kind of new freedom.

Nevertheless if you have the money to spend (and there are no doubts these are very expensive), and you want the luxury of being able to enter/exit easily then they’re certainly worth checking out.



Personally I do not feel that GuidoSimplex are the manufacturer to go with if you’re looking at this type of device.  They’re limited, basic and nowhere near the best out there.  When you’re looking over GS I would suggest that you focus much more heavily on their hand controls, keypads and pedals and not this type of disabled equipment.

If you want to find out more about the different types of handicapped driving equipment that GuidoSimplex produces you can check that out.

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