GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2

The ‘Pedal Guard 2’ manufactured by GuidoSimplex is a pedal guard designed to cover two out of the three pedals, and to be used under certain circumstances.

The main reason for having a pedal guard is to stop accidental engagement of the pedal by legs which the driver has no control over. In this case, the reason for having one pedal which is free to be operated is for one the disabled driver has use of one extremity which he’s utilizing with either a brake or accelerator only hand control.

GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2

The GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2

In most (but not all) cases you’ll find that people tend to use a brake only hand control, in conjunction with the acceleration. If they can only use their left leg then there’s a good chance that they’ll have a left gas pedal installed.

This operates the acceleration with the left leg, and the reason why people opt for this is because it’s far easier to drive a vehicle with your foot to accelerate and hands to brake than vice versa. This set up is far less tiring because whereas acceleration is constantly used, the brakes are not.

  • Generally you’ll find that in most cases the 2 pedal cover allows for acceleration, but this isn’t true in all cases.

The installation of this model is fairly simple, no significant alterations are made to the car, and if you look at the diagram above you can see the possibility of quick removal of the pedal block to allow access and by extension regular driving.

It’s very simple in design, it’s similar in a thin metallic plated which prevents the foots touching the two pedals, but frankly this is all you need. Occasionally you’ll see some models where there’s an over use of materials which I believe is ultimately pointless.

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