GuidoSimplex Brake Only Hand Controls

You’ll find that GuidoSimplex produce some of the best brake only hand controls, featuring hydraulic at their most advances with mechanical models as standard and occasionally in combination with electronic action points for increased ease-of-use.

GuidoSimplex Stationary Mechanical Brake Only Lever 911FST

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Brake Only Command Lever 907P

GuidoSimplex Mechanical Long Arm Brake Only Lever 907FV

GuidoSimplex Hydraulic Power Assisted Brake Only Hand Control AS01

GuidoSimplex Electronic Controlled Mechanical Brake Only Switch 2005 AFS

A few points about brake only hand controls…


You’ll find that brake-only models are designed for two reasons in mind.

The first is to enable them to be used with acceleration only counterparts to create a suitable mix that fulfill the disabled driver’s requirements.  This allows for a far greater spectrum of flexibility in picking the right combination to meet specific requirements.

Secondly they’re very useful for people who can still use the acceleration pedal and are only incapable of braking unassisted.

What to expect from the models by GuidoSimplex


I think you should be expect to find designs you won’t find anywhere else.  For example their hydraulic brake isn’t even an option at the vast majority of disabled vehicle dealerships.  Then there’s also the fact that almost all of their models are at least mechanical, or mechanical with electronic activation which allows a much broad spectrum of vehicles which are able to successfully undergo installation.

If you want to find out about all the [intlink id=”1020″ type=”post”]different hand control kits by GuidoSimplex[/intlink] as well as compatible acceleration models then find out here.

Different GuidoSimplex technology types


If you’re interested in other GuidoSimplex driving equipment then we suggest you take a look at their most advanced models.  These are their [intlink id=”1172″ type=”post”]hydraulic brake and electronic accelerator hand controls[/intlink] which allows for the easiest driving experience possible.

Handicapped Driving Equipment…


If you’re interested in learning about all the different types of handicapped driving equipment possible then check out this link which will direct you to what it is you’re looking for (if it exists!)

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