GuidoSimplex Automatic Vacuum Clutch Hand Control 912

The 912 automatic driving clutch hand control utilizes a vacuum which does not cause any loss of the vehicle’s power in order to maximize effectiveness when a disabled driver uses the vehicle. There are several points which make this model useful for paraplegics.

A clutch model is particularly useful for drivers who have a manual car and wish to be able to change the gears using just their hands. This allows them to focus on using the pedals, freeing up activity on the car. Disabled drivers who only have use of one leg will find this useful, as well as a regular driver who wants easier control over their car.

GuidoSimplex Automatic Vacuum Clutch Hand Control 912

The GuidoSimplex Automatic Vacuum Clutch Hand Control 912

One important aspect of this (along with the other clutches by GuidoSimplex) is that the installation requires minimal modifications, which in this case allows for the original parts of the car to remain intact.

No non-reversible modifications to the car are made; meaning that resale of the car to a non disabled person does not dramatically reduce the value of the vehicle due to extensive interior modifications.

  • What’s more is that the auto-clutch can be deactivated for driving by an able-bodied individual.

In the case of practically all other useful handicapped driving equipment options it’s generally the case that this is either impossible, or the action parts of the car (such as an acceleration wheel) need to be temporarily removed for re-installation later.

The auto-clutch can also be used directly proportional to the force applied to the accelerator pedal. So for example, the clutch deactivates as soon as the engine is started, however the vehicle will start to move as soon as the driver puts down force on the acceleration pedal.

  • How quickly or slowly the vehicle responds is completely proportional to the force applied to the acceleration.

For speeds below 30 kilometers an hour the clutch will deactivate when the accelerator pedal is released. This allows for the driver to be able to quickly adjust accordingly when either speeding up or slowing down.

  • Over 30 kilometers an hour you’ll find that adjusting the clutch simply involves using the gear knob.

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