GuidoSimplex Automatic Clutch Handicap Hand Controls

There are four different, but somewhat similar clutch driving controls which GuidoSimplex has manufactured and which you need to be aware of.  These are particularly useful for manual transmission cars where changing using the clutch manually is far too difficult.

GuidoSimplex Syncro Clutch Hand Control 932

GuidoSimplex Automatic Vacuum Clutch Hand Control 912

GuidoSimplex Servo Clutch Hand Control 942

GuidoSimplex Duck Clutch Hand Control 942

Who Clutch Hand Controls are for…


These specific clutches by GuidoSimplex are suited specifically to manually driven cars where the driver wants more control over the vehicle.

  • What you’ll find in common with all of these models is that they detect the hand’s movements in altering the gear stick, as well as detecting specific car functions (such as RPM) to automatically access the clutch accordingly based upon the specific situation.

These are particularly useful for those who want the increased control of a car which manually changing the gears provide, whilst also being able to have one less thing to worry about.

You’ll find that two types of people generally use this kind of automatic driving control, either disabled drivers using a non-automatic car who want extra control – or non-disabled drivers who want that same level of control.

  • Obviously, as this is produced by GuidoSimplex, this is aimed primarily at the first group of people – the disabled drivers.

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