GuidoSimplex Accelerator Only Hand Controls

There are a few reasons to build hand controls which are for acceleration only, and you’ll find that GuidoSimplex is one of the leading manufacturers of this type of disabled driving equipment.

The first reason to use them is when you can still independently use your brake, and the second reason is if you want to use it in conjunction with a brake-only device.  The reason for this is that two singular driving controls used together tend to provide better usability, especially to more serious disabilities.

GuidoSimplex Pulsar Satellite Accelerator Only Pen 906 Elc

GuidoSimplex Gas Over Ring Accelerator Wheel 906GV

GuidoSimplex Gas Under Ring Accelerator Wheel 916R

A few benefits of acceleration only device…


You’ll soon find that when it comes to GuidoSimplex they’ve produced several unique solutions to the problem of drivers who need only to accelerate.

Pulsar Satellite


The first device, the ‘Pulsar Satellite’ is similar in shape to a pen needing only to be pushed on the top for the gas on your car to be activated.  Considering most other devices require substantially more physical effort you’ll be able to see the benefit of this model with regards to people with very serious disabilities or who have weak strength.

Acceleration Rings


Next there are the two accelerator wheels, one set of models are placed above and another set are placed underneath the steering wheel.

  • When I talk about ‘innovation solutions’ by GuidoSimplex then this is exactly what I’m talking about, I’ve yet to see any disabled products manufacturer produce anything like this.

Essentially they allow the driver to be able to keep hands on the steering wheel whilst being able to accelerate at the same time.  Some issues people have are in switching back and forth between hand controls and the steering wheel.  But seeing as the ‘action part’ of this model is in the same place as the steering wheel you’ll find it’s a much safer and (as importantly) a comfortable driving experience.

Brake Only hand controls 


If you’re interested in acceleration only devices you may be interested in brake only ones, using these two device ‘types’ in conjunction with each other is incredibly powerful.

These have a lot of variety, for example there are hydraulic, electronic and manual designs each to cater for varying degrees of disability… or comfort.

Some people who have very serious impairments may need a hydraulically assisted brake, whereas others may just want the comfort of being able to drive near effortlessly.

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