Gas Acceleration and Brake Pedal Guards

Pedal guards for the gas, brake and clutch pedals are produced by almost all the main manufacturers.  Some like MPS Monarch will be installed in your car with the hand controls as standard.  Some manufacturers will not.  All of their products are similar but slightly different and you can find out everything about the various types of handicap pedal guard below.  Most of these products features quick release mechanisms.

MPD Pedal Guards – A wide array of Pedal Covers by Mobility Products and Design


MPD Foot Control Advanced Accelerator and Brake Guard – One of the safest and most effective pedal guards available due to its unique design layout.  The angular cover plate and quick release mechanism make this incredibly useful.

MPD Foot Control Adjustable Mounted Guard Pedestal – This particular pedal guard is designed for vehicles with low floors.  It’s extendable which allows you to adjust the height to suit trucks, vans or regular cars.

MPD Foot Control Accelerator Guard – A standard one pedal accelerator guard.

MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard – A standard two pedal accelerator and brake guard.

MPD Foot Control Accelerator and Brake Guard on Lowered Floor – A non-adjustable accelerator and brake pedal guard designed for lowered floor vehicles such as vans and trucks.

MPS Pedal Guards


MPS Monarch Accelerator Guard Pedal – A standard accelerator/gas pedal guard.  Despite appearances you are not meant to rest your foot on the cover.

MPS Monarch Accelerator Brake Guard Pedal – A standard two pedal accelerator and brake guard pedal.

GuidoSimplex Pedal Guards – Simple and Effective


GuidoSimplex Gas Brake and Clutch Pedal Cover Guard 3 – An angular three pedal guard which stops overhead or underneath intrusion of the gas, brake and clutch pedals.

GuidoSimplex Clutch and Brake Pedal Cover Guard 2  – An angular two pedal guard which can be positioned to block out two pedals which are adjacent to each other.

Menox has only one Pedal Guard option


Menox Pedal Guard – A wide but non-angular pedal guard which is designed to block all of the car’s pedals.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I was woundering if you know of any way I can have my barke pedal to where it would keep my foot on the brake due to CEREBRAL PALSY RIGHT SIDE IS WEAKER THEN THE LEFT?? I live in SaintLouis,Mich Do you know a place in Michigan that helps people like me???

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Jenny, at the moment I’m in the process of contacting disabled mobility dealerships on a state by state basis but the complete of the ‘state’ section of my website will most likely take a month or so. I personally do not know of any dedicated product which keeps you foot on the pedal, I would assume it would be some kind of a strap mechanism. I do know a lot about disabled driving and the associated equipment and I’ve not yet come into contact with what you’re talking about although there are plenty of assistive foot straps for various purposes so it does most likely exist.

      If I were you I would recommend doing a simple Google search a long with the lines of ‘Michigan mobility products’ or ‘Michigan mobility dealership’ as well as checking out websites like Amazon because most people don’t realize they actually have a wide array of handicapped equipment products nowadays.

      Seeing as the majority of the effort required for the legs to drive is the acceleration gas pedal it might also be worth looking into a left foot gas pedal if your left leg is okay. You can find out more about it from the home page of my website.

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