Installation Guarantee

Many of our prospective customers are understandably concerned about whether the hand controls which we sell will properly install in their specific vehicle.  This is generally because most permanent hand controls cannot be installed in more than one vehicle.

Our portable hand controls are length adjustable and therefore are successfully self-installed in approximately 95% of all vehicles.  This includes cars, vans and trucks.  We very rarely have customers who cannot install our hand controls.

However, to alleviate concern we offer the following installation guarantee:

We guarantee successful and complete installation of our products into your vehicle.  If you are having problems with installation we can offer assistance with installation and frequently request our customers to send us photographs to help us identify and rectify the problem.

If our hand controls cannot be installed we offer a refund for our hand controls.  However customers will need to pay for the shipping of the product.  Please refer to our company’s refund and return policies for more information.

Please visit our shop page for more information on our hand controls and handicap car equipment.