Frequently Asked Questions




What form of payment is acceptable?


Our checkout system uses Paypal to safely purchase your products.  This allows payment by both Paypal accounts and credit/debit cards.  Since the transaction process redirects to our company never holds any banking or credit card details – the only information we receive is your name, email, phone number and billing address.  All major credit cards are accepted and you do not need to make a Paypal account.


What are your shipping rates and which shipping companies do you use?


At this moment in time we’re offering free shipping within the United States for all our products.  If you live in Canada or Mexico there is a flat rate $55 shipping charge.  We currently do not ship our products to South America – however for our European customers please visit our United Kingdom Hand Controls website.  For shipping to Asia please contact us.


We ship via Fedex, UPS or USPS depending on which courier will arrive most promptly to your location, as well as being reasonably priced for us (we offer geniune free shipping – we haven’t increased the cost of our products to make up for it therefore we do sometimes need to pick the more economical option).  Expect delivery within 2-5 business days, or 5-12 business days for Canada and Mexico.


Tracking numbers are provided automatically to the email address you provide for us as soon as the package is dispatched from our warehouse.  This allows you to keep track of when the package will arrive.  Packages do need to be signed for.  Please ensure your email address is inputted correctly.


We monitor product tracking daily and if there are any delivery problems we quickly resolve the shipment problem.  Usually however, problems arise from incorrect delivery addresses and can be fixed quite quickly.




We do accept returns on the following basis.  Firstly, if we are contacted to be notified of a return within 14 days after delivery confirmation.  The package must be carefully repackaged so as to avoid damage and returned to our warehouse location.  This allows prospective drivers to test our hand controls to see if they’re suitable for themselves and their vehicle.  Once the hand controls are confirmed as returned to our warehouse location, a 100% refund is provided.  Please allow 1-2 days for the funds to appear in your bank account.


Our returns policy lasts 14 days, after delivery confirmation.  Delivery confirmation is determined by the FedEx or UPS tracking page, which is when the product is signed for at the door.  After 14 days, we do not provide a refund or cater for returns of any type.



Portable?What's the Difference?Steering Attachments?


What are portable handicap hand controls?


Hand controls for cars which are ‘portable’ are a type of disabled driving equipment used by drivers who cannot use one or both legs for fully operating the pedals of a car, truck or van via one hand.


The ‘portable’ aspect refers to the self-install and removal features that allow most portable handicap driving kits to be installed and removed in around 5 minutes (no tools or car knowledge required). Most hand controls are foldable allowing for easy storage and transportation. They’re also length adjustable allowing them to fit almost all vehicle types (such as low-floored vans, cars and large trucks).


What’s the difference between ‘portable’ and ‘permanent’ handicap hand controls?


Permanent hand controls require a mechanic to install and remove the equipment each time (costs vary depending on installer’s rates).  Once removed ‘permanent’ hand controls may or may not be able to fit in your next vehicle.


The installation itself requires drilling and car modifications which damage the aesthetic appearance of the car (and its value). The removal of permanent hand controls leaves numerous drill holes and scarring on the interior of the car. They’re also significantly more expensive (on average around $600-1000 not including installation).


Portable hand controls can be installed in any vehicle with the normal pedal arrangement (i.e. gas on the right, brakes on the left).  They’re length adjustable allowing them to fit very small or very large vehicles.


They’re perfect for sharing a vehicle between disabled and non-disabled drivers, as well as for sharing between two different vehicles when you don’t want to buy two sets of hand controls.


What kind of steering attachment is suitable for use with hand controls?


Most people who are not suffering from other serious afflictions (specifically afflictions affecting their hands) aside from being paraplegic (or only having partial use of one leg) use a steering knob (sometimes referred to as a spinner knob, suicide knob, racing knob or brodie knob). Using a steering wheel knob allows for the driver to easily turn the steering wheel with one hand – allowing the other hand to use the hand controls.