Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Hand Controls Review

One of the most popular set of portable hand controls I’ve come across is the Freedom Staff Handicap Driving Kit.  I’ll go over the good and bad points here and you can decide for yourself whether it’s for you.  Remember I don’t personally sell it myself.

Firstly, after you’ve finished reading my review I recommend you doing a nifty little Google search to find out more information/reviews yourself – but this page will give a good insight as to whether it’s for you.  I’ll start with the benefits and then the negatives.

One initial benefit which draws people into buying this device is that it’s very cheap and can usually be bought for a little under 300 dollars.  There are no installation costs (which for permanent models tend to cost at least 200 dollars) and the device is half the price of permanent installations.

Before I get too far… you can read other disabled driver’s reviews here.

Generally a cheaper set of permanently installed hand controls will cost around 700-800 dollars which means you’re saving 400-500 dollars at least.

Secondly you can purchase them straight from websites online (Amazon is the cheapest I believe) which means that you don’t have to drive for hours to a local disabled car dealership.

                This is specifically useful if you don’t have any disabled car shops near you or you have a busy schedule.

The kit is delivered straight to your house and contains instructions which allow for its installation within around 15 minutes.

The set is portable which means that you can switch between able bodied and disabled as quickly as you can remove and attach the car hand controls.

No permanent installations are required which usually prohibits regular driving or at the very least substantially reduces the value of your car.

Finally they do the job, and although I won’t argue that they have the functionality of some of the more expensive devices on the market it’s the difference between getting a premium product which costs substantially more for a slight increase in functionality or paying much less for a slightly inferior product which still does what you want it to do.

The Installed Freedom Staff Hand Control

Now let’s take a look into the negatives of this product.  Firstly there’s the lack of functionality and ease of use which is limited by its inferior assistive technology.

Devices which are installed permanently and integrated with some of the car’s systems allow for a greater spectrum of possibilities with regards to both the technology used and in creating a significantly easier driving experience.

To start with you can classify the Freedom Staff’s device as a ‘basic, manual’ product – whereas the technologies on offer by more extensive car modifications are mechanical linkage, electronic and hydraulic driving equipment.

  • Instead of just pushing and pulling on the hand control’s set to operate the brake and gas there are numerous different input method types.

You may also need to look into buying additional car equipment because the kits comes with a limited set (for example it lacks a pedal guard which is vital for safe driving for people who cannot use their legs).

With some GuidoSimplex devices (such as their acceleration pen) you can just press a button, whereas with Mobility Products and Design you can rest your hand on a padded lever with your palm and fingers enclosed within several foam pins and simply push forward on one of the foam pads while resting your hands the entire time.

The Freedom Staff kit offers no extra aesthetic customization options which won’t affect most people but will be a problem for some.

Take the Menox hand control which can have the pattern, material and color all changed to blend into your car’s natural surroundings and you’ll see that the possibilities for customization are near endless with some devices – not with this one though – it’s a practical, cheap and functional product.

It’s practical for able bodied and disabled use, it’s certainly cheap (and looks it too) and it’s functional even though it certainly isn’t as easy to operate and requires a little more effort than its competition.

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  1. TOURNEUR Vincent says:

    Where I can buy this equipement?


    • Jonathan Bell says:

      On Amazon, there are links at the top and most pictures – in fact I’m fairly surprised you missed them all. Most people prefer Amazon because its cheaper and they already have an account.


      Jonny Bell

  2. Hi,

    I need to ask you a question regarding the hand controls. My brother is wanting to install them for me. I would like to find out what is needed in order to do this. I have back sugry on a pinched nerve, and the nerve on my right side has not come back yet. I’m hoping this a temporay thing> In the meantime I need to get around. I have had to have people drive me back and forth to work, and also do my errand running around, and that has not been real easy to do. I was also wondering do I need to have an evaluation to determine what things I do need for my car? I have a van. Also, can you give me prices on these items?

    Anything you can do, will be greatly appreciated! Is there a way to get help with the expense of all this? I’m hoping this is only a temp thing, I’m just so indepedant and hate to have people do things for me. I live in Augusta, GA.

    Let me know.

    Thanks so much for any assistance you can give me!

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi there, the control rods for this hand control are adjustable so they can fit in everything from small cars to large trucks and everything in between. Installation is a simple matter of following the instruction manual which arrives with it, it’s very simple. There’s nothing at all you need for your car. You just need pedals and a steering wheel. Perhaps if your car is very very small and you are very very large it might be a little cramped but aside from that you won’t have any problems. This hand control is designed to be flexible with regards to the variety of vehicles it can be installed into. It’s a one-size-fits-all type of deal.

      There’s a link at the top of the page which will send you to Amazon, you can buy it for around 300 dollars there and it’ll be delivered straight to you.

  3. Michael Wolke says:

    I left a somewhat recent review on but since I first found out about the Freedom Staff hand controls here I just thought I’d let you know that around 6 months on things are still going great. Thanks for writing this page and letting me know about it, I’ve used some other hand controls before which were installed by a mechanic but these were just as good, much cheaper and most importantly (for me) very convenient. I have a much bigger review on Amazon though. (Recommended).

    Thanks for reading,

    M Wolke

  4. Alex Southwell says:

    Bought this from Amazon a few days ago, it took a little longer to arrive then expected but when I get it I was very impressed. Good piece of kit to replace my aging hand controls. I’ve just been using it a few days but no problems so far.

  5. Wheelchairwarrior343 says:

    Bought it, loved it… I find it hard to both load the hand controls in the car an myself.. but once i’m inside then installing it isnt too difficult… of course its much easier with my daught to help me! great for me personally, ive not tried any other driving controls but these were so cheap and the reviews so good i thought i need to give it a go…so far so good1

  6. Bill Reich says:

    How do you think these compare to Wheel Ability PHC-3?

    Thank you

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      They’re very similar products, the main differences are that this one is cheaper and a little more sturdy and tends to get reviewed more positively by other handicapped drivers. I’m not sure of the exact dollar and cents price difference but the Freedom Staff unit is close to 100 dollars cheaper, plus it has the security of an Amazon purchase. Finally the Freedom Staff is a ‘kit’ with a steering knob storage bag and a few other things.

      Jonny Bell

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