Finding the Cheapest Car Hand Controls

If you’re interested in finding hand controls for your car at the cheapest possible price then this article is going to outline the procedure which you need to undertake.

If you’re buying a portable set then you’re in luck because these are the cheapest at around 250-300 dollars.  What’s more is that they have no installation costs because you handle the installation yourself via their instructions.  Permanent installations will tend to cost at least 600-700 dollars, but in this article you’ll find out how to get the cheapest possible price for both.

Finding the Cheapest Car Hand Controls

For portable models then it’s a very simple case of heading a long to allegro medical and taking a look at one of their hand control sets.  You might find it cheapest at other websites slightly, but the service which allegro medical provides is top notch and worth a little extra in my opinion.

Regardless, because you’re purchasing a mobile device you can use the internet to find the cheapest deals by doing simple Google searches, as well as reading the reviews which are far less bias than a salesman at a disabled car dealership who’s trying to earn a commission.

If you’re looking for a permanent set which is most likely going to be the case, especially if you don’t have a very limited budget and you’re planning on doing more than occasional disabled driving then there are a number of things to do in finding the cheapest hand controls for your car cost.

Finding the Hand Controls for Cars at the Cheapest Price

Finding the Hand Controls for Cars at the Cheapest Price

Before I get into the meat of this article it might be worth looking into the various difficulties in obtaining the cheapest hand controls price because some of these options might not be available for you.

If this is the case then it might be worth asking yourself if hand controls for cars are worth the effort in your financial situation.

Firstly you need to find all of your local disabled car dealerships.  This will help you find a variety of products and allow you to find models which better suit your condition or are cheaper than others.  It will also help you in finding the cheapest installation price which for basic, manual products will cost around 40-50% of the total end price.

Negotiation is one thing which people don’t tend to engage in when making this type of purchase, but it’s also very important.  Remember that disabled car dealerships are essentially just middlemen, and they’re making a cut of the profit.

Just like a second hand car shop you can barter the price down – whether you’re comfortable with it or not is a very different matter, but it’ll ultimately save you money.

It’s worth looking into the numerous problems regarding the cost of hand controls to find out what may hold you back from getting a better deal.

Finally it’s also worth checking into how hand controls technology affects the price because specific requirements outside of regular paraplegia can be very expensive to accommodate.

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  1. Edson Rukuni says:

    am looking to buy portable hand controls for myself, my name is Edson and live in Zimbabwe, is their a way you are able to help me.

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Yes that’s fine Edson, I’ve sent you an email with instructions for shipping to Zimbabwe.


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