Driving as a Disabled Person is not Always Possible

For most disabled people driving is something which is a real possibility to obtain some of the independence and freedom which has been previously lost… or perhaps never given in the first place.

However not everyone with a disability is automatically allowed to drive and it really depends on what ailment you have as to determined whether you can drive.

Most paraplegics can drive assuming most other parts of their body are functional and it’s just their legs which are lacking motor skills.

On the other hand many disabled people have injuries or ailments which are not as black and white as simply not being able to use your legs.

One important thing I’ll point out right now is that disability laws in the USA, UK and most developed countries protect the rights of disabled people driving – assuming that they can pass their test and do not have medical conditions which impact their ability to drive.

Driving as a Disabled Person

Driving as a Disabled Person is a Challenge… but not Impossible

But it’s these extra medical conditions which can sometimes hold you back.  For example if you have seizures or blackouts then there’s a strong likelihood that you’ll be barred from driving.  This is rightly so, and even if you can pass your test and do happen to have any problems, if you know that problems may very well arise then certainly in the UK you’re breaking the law.

Some drivers may be approaching quadriplegia and have a weakening grip in their hand which they require for using the steering wheel with.  In this case they’re not necessarily ruled out from driving because special handicap car equipment can be purchased which allows for the palm to aid in steering as opposed to the grasp from the fingers.

The responsibility does not lie with the government as to whether you can drive if you are affected by something like a seizure which happens infrequently.  It lies with you.

Driving as a Wheelchair Bound Person

If you only get them incredibly rarely then it may not be a problem, but you certainly don’t want to injure yourself and potentially others just because you want to drive.

It might be worth checking into more GuidoSimplex handicapped hand controls because they provide innovative driving solutions whereas more of the other manufacturers cater far more towards regular disabilities which don’t have complications.

They also offer their Total Freedom driving system which actually encompasses all aspects of driving a vehicle as someone who’s disabled.

This means entering, driving and exiting the vehicle all completely independently without external assistance required.  Of course you can expect this can of system to be incredibly expensive and one problem which you’ll encounter in finding the right equipment for you is that there’s a very limited distribution of these types of specialty products.

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