Driving Aids Development Corporation (DADC)

The DADC philosophy is simple: deliver the best driving experience possible. DADC uses quality materials, including durable stainless steel, for an attractive finished product and self-lubricating components to eliminate squeaks and grease stains on clothes. The vacuum-assisted design reduces the motion required to operate, reducing discomfort and fatigue.

DADC hand controls fit a wide range of vehicles with little or no cutting to the dashboard. The cable operated throttle control means a cockpit free of clutter and unencumbered access for pedal pushing drivers.

DADC can also tailor the selected hand control with a mix of unique metals, woods, paint and embellishments to compliment the vehicle’s interior and suite the driver’s taste.

Why do clients choose DADC?

“Thank you for installing all of my hand controls – this is my fifth car with DADC hand controls on board and I am Learn more about DADC at DrivingAids.com, Facebook, or search for Driving Aids Development Corporation.

A list of DADC’s Hand Controls:


DADC 500 Push Twist (vacuum-assisted) hand controls

DADC 500 Push Pull (vacuum-assisted) hand controls

DADC 500 Manual Push Pull hand controls

DADC 500 Manual Push Rock hand controls

DADC 500 Manual Brake Only hand controls

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