Driver Rehabilitation for Spinal Injury Victims

Teaching spinal cord injury victims to start driving again (or to learn in the first place) can be a difficult uphill struggle with rehabilitation requiring the crossing of both physical and mental barriers.

One thing which is important to remember is that the vast majority (purported to be around 42 percent) of accidents which cause spinal conditions happen in car crashes.

Starting to drive once more requires physical obstacles to be overcome such as paraplegia, only having one leg working or having partial motor skills in the arms.

Remember that driving with a spinal cord injury requires the psychological barriers to be bested, remember that most people will have been injured by a car and it isn’t so easy to sit back behind the seat of something that put you in a wheelchair.

Rehabiliation to Drive for Spinal Cord Injury Victims

Regardless of the obstacles which must be overcome driving brings the freedom and sense of independence which is almost completely lost when someone becomes disabled in some form.

Knowing that you’re able to drive a hundred miles in any direction doesn’t mean that the handicapped person is going to drive a hundred miles, but it’s important because they know they have the ability to should they so wish.

Generally driving equipment is required and this consists of a set of hand controls, pedal guards and steering aids.

All of these things are definitely required for safe driving and I wouldn’t get behind the wheel without any one of those things.

Spinal Cord Injury

Generally all these types of mobility gear can be purchased from disabled car shops (which can install the devices should they require installation) or online (which is cheaper but the driving aids tend to have less functionality).

  • Support is certainly a key aspect in gaining both the confidence and experience to drive around comfortably once more.

Starting driving again with friends, family, members of the community or other disabled friends is one of the best ways of gaining the confidence which has been lost.

Starting to actually learn driving again is usually done by disabled driving lessons or by self teaching (with preferably someone to watch over you).

Driver Rehabiliation for the Disabled

You don’t necessarily need a disabled driving instructor but it certainly does help, unfortunately if you live in the United States it may be more difficult for you to find help because the country is so large with everything so spread out.

In the United Kingdom you’ll find that it’s far easier to get professional assistance close by – but one thing you should remember about both countries is that in both cases lessons are expensive – more so than regular lessons which are expensive themselves.

If you’re interested in the hand controls equipment for your car then I suggest you utilize our disabled driving website which has information on all the products required for driving.

  • This includes where to buy them offline as well as cheap online alternatives too.


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