Disabled Vehicle Hand Controls

Hand controls which are designed for disabled drivers to be fitted with vehicles are allowing more handicapped people the freedom do drive wherever they want, whenever they need.

There are a lot of different aspects to consider when it comes to purchasing hand controls, and it’s important to get to grips with the process.  This post provides general information which will be useful if you’re starting to understand what buying this type of handicapped device entails, as well as providing links to pages that will help you progress and understand further.

Disabled Vehicle Hand Controls

Example of Disabled Vehicle Hand Controls

There are several different aspects which are going to be covered.  Firstly there’s finding a disabled car dealership which will actually sell vehicle hand controls.  All of them will have them installed too (for a price of course), and you don’t buy hand controls and have them fitted where you want.  A mechanic specifically trained in their installation at their location will do it for you.

After finding a place of purchase, you then proceed to making sure that their models fulfill the requirements of your disability.  There are lots of different disabilities, with the most common being paraplegics – but there are plenty of different instances where people who are amputees, of short stature or can use one leg.  Just as there’s a variety of different ailments and issues there are disabled driving devices which fulfill the needs of these requirements.

Vehicle Hand Controls

Vehicle Hand Controls

There’s also the vehicle hand controls cost which needs to be considered.  Cheap portable models can cost as little as a flat 250 dollars, regular models around 300-500 with several hundreds dollars for installation.  Advanced devices that are electronic or mechanized will cost around a thousand dollars or perhaps two thousand dollars.

Completely retrofitting your car with the most advanced designs you can purchase can cost tens of thousands if you want every aspect of disabled driving catered for.

It’s up to you to locate several disabled car workshops (so you can compare products and prices), find a model which suits your requirement, preferably test it out (possibly with a rental car), and then be willing to pay the high price for handicapped driving.

All of those things aren’t easy, but you can use our website to find out information on lots of different aspects of buying motor vehicle hand controls.  You can use our website to find out every single aspect of driving as a disabled person.

This includes locating a disabled car shop, negotiating a price, finding out about the best models for you, installation and much more.  Every single aspect is covered in depth and concisely.

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  1. Russell Pavich says:

    Getting ready to purchase Toyota Sienna 2011 Limited van for a complete paraplegic. Company sent conversion accessories list. Hand controls listed is the MPD 3400K for installation. Difficult finding it, but one photo I did find looked as though it was a very cheap looking model. Reviewing your site and was interested in your inventory as to what model/ brand would be the most suggested for efficiency/style and looks for a “Limited” and paraplegic to utilize in driving. Also, the spinner knob was a black rubber style. Do they have wood grain that is available to accent the wood accents of the “Limited’s” wood grain dashboard and side doors? Would appreciate your suggestions and general price ranges for your various hand controls. Live in a rural non-disabled area, so have no one to get appropriate consultation from. I would love this info before they install the MPD 3400K they quoted.

    Thanking in advance …

    • Jonathan Bell says:

      Hi Russel. You certainly don’t need a van if you’re a paraplegic although it will make things easier in terms of having extra space, as well as easier access via a ramp but apart from those two things that’s about it. Yes the 3400k is one of Mobility Products and Design’s more basic models, I would suggest the 3700 model – but if you want something with more aesthetic customization options then check out the Menox hand control because that has enough different colors, patterns and materials to fit the interior of almost all vehicles. The Menox hand control may be what you’re looking for but it’ll set you back around 2,000 dollars.

      However it doesn’t have the ‘cheap’ look, in fact I believe it’s probably one of the best driving controls you can buy at the moment. It’s very similar to Veigel apart from it has the aesthetic customization options you’re looking for and in this aspect it’s unmatched by any competitors. I don’t sell any hand controls myself however I do suggest that for occasional use that portable hand controls (which you can find on the homepage) are useful for occasional use – and seeing as you live in a rural area and they can be delivered straight to you then it may be useful for you.

      For that type of MPD model I wouldn’t pay more than 800 dollars at the absolute maximum including installation. Just remember this is a maximum figure and preferably it should be a few hundred dollars under this.

      The biggest problem you’ll encounter if you live in a rural area is simply in finding local places which stock the models which you need. But from what you’re saying Menox sounds like the best option.


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